Turning Manufacturing Data into Savings with Wavicle’s IMMEX Solution

IMMEX enables manufacturers to save millions in taxes for raw goods and supplies imported into Mexico and for finished goods that are exported to the US or Canada. However, the requirements are complex, and getting the right data can be a challenge. That’s where Wavicle can help.


Wavicle builds customized data management solutions to integrate all of a manufacturer’s data sources, extract and format ERP data, and make the right data accessible to all parties for review and reporting.​ With our deep IMMEX experience and pre-built accelerator, Wavicle’s team can help your business eliminate manual tracking, minimize compliance costs, and maximize IMMEX savings.

turning manufacturing data into savings with IMMEX compliance

The benefits of IMMEX compliance

IMMEX requires manufacturers to maintain strict material and inventory tracking, proper documentation of all import and export activity, and meticulous accounting records. In return, manufacturers reap massive benefits – both from IMMEX incentives and from manufacturing in Mexico.

Significant tax savings

IMMEX compliance exempts imported materials and machinery from the 16% value-added tax (VAT) and export taxes for finished goods

Mexico’s advantages

Manufacturers can tap into a highly skilled, lower-cost workforce in Mexico, along with the country’s 30 ports of entry for imports and exports

Optimization opportunities

With detailed material and product tracking, manufacturers can identify opportunities for optimization across production and their supply chain

Accelerated compliance with Wavicle’s IMMEX solution

With a flexible data model that can support reporting and integration through a wide variety of systems, we can help you automate manual tracking and maximize your tax savings in half the time a custom-built solution would require.

IMMEX data flow

How Wavicle helped a global electronics manufacturer save millions

Wavicle’s consultants helped an industry-leading manufacturer integrate and prepare their previously siloed factory data using AWS Glue and Snowflake to save approximately $50 million through IMMEX in their first year. Now, this global manufacturer can prove IMMEX compliance for their factories and has a new foundation for data-driven decision-making throughout their factories.

How Wavicle helped a global electronics manufacturer save millions
A faster path to IMMEX compliance and savings

A faster path to IMMEX compliance and savings

The sooner you get started on the path to IMMEX compliance, the more your business will be able to save. Reach out today to get in contact with our manufacturing data experts and begin your journey to higher profits through IMMEX.

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