Data, Analytics, and AI Acceleration Toolkit

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Our AI-powered accelerators help you break through time, cost, and quality barriers. Experience innovation without compromise.

EZConvertBI by Wavicle

Streamline BI migration with Wavicle’s EZConvertBI

Wavicle’s innovative toolkit for optimized and accelerated BI migration.

EZConvertETL by Wavicle

Expedite data modernization with EZConvertETL

Wavicle’s solution for efficient, cost-effective migration from legacy tools.

EZQuality by Wavicle

Enhance decision-making with EZQuality

Wavicle’s ML-driven tool for flawless data quality and trusted insights.

EZCapture by Wavicle

Boost data reliability with EZCapture

Wavicle’s streamlined, versatile tool for efficient, error-free data validation.

EZIngest by Wavicle

Maximize data ingestion with EZIngest

Wavicle’s metadata-driven solution for efficiency, quality, and cost savings.

EZInterface by Wavicle

Bid farewell to slow and outdated UI development with EZInterface

Wavicle’s UI implementation accelerator.

EZSecure by Wavicle

Simplify data protection and achieve compliance with EZSecure

Wavicle’s robust privacy tool.

EZGenAI by Wavicle

Accelerate value from generative AI with EZGenAI

Wavicle’s flexible, secure generative AI tool.

Looking for a more holistic solution for data management?

Wavicle’s Augment Data Management platform streamlines your data management process, providing high-performance automations and accelerators that significantly reduce the time and cost of data ingestion, transformation, data quality, and data privacy.