Tableau-to-QuickSight Converter

Accelerate and automate your migration from Tableau to Amazon QuickSight with the industry’s first converter

For organizations looking to shift from a Tableau data visualization solution to QuickSight, Wavicle offers its Tableau-to-Amazon QuickSight converter. Nowhere else will you find a tool that automates the migration process to significantly reduce the time and cost of converting Tableau dashboards and reports to Amazon QuickSight.


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Accelerate your migration from Tableau to Amazon QuickSight by up to 90%

By automating manual tasks and reducing resource requirements, Wavicle’s Tableau-to-Amazon QuickSight Converter significantly improves the efficiency, accuracy, and cost of your migration and puts you on the path to realizing value from your data faster. Our converter uses an automated, two-step process to reduce your conversion time and cost by up to 90%.

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Improve the speed of migration by up to 90% so you get value from your data faster

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Reduce overall BI costs by up to 90%, including migration costs and licensing fees


Make informed migration decisions based on realistic cost and time estimates


Step 1: Analyze
Within minutes, get the information you need to make fast decisions about your migration effort

The converter extracts Tableau files, either by connecting to the Tableau server, or by uploading a workbook file. It then analyzes the file, giving you both a high-level summary and in-depth details about the size of the migration effort for each Tableau workbook and project, including the complexity and cost of migration. This includes insights about views, data sources, dataset definitions, custom SQLs, chart types, and much more.

Step 2: Convert
Easily convert Tableau dashboards into your Amazon QuickSight Environment

Once it has been determined which dashboards to convert, we activate the converter to convert dashboards into your AWS environment and validate the conversion in Amazon QuickSight. Your dashboards and reports will be available to your users in no time.


Our Amazon QuickSight Conversion Flow

With our conversion process, we accelerate the value of cloud-native, serverless business intelligence to your organization, giving you the insights you need to make smart decisions about your migration effort.

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Run Analyzer

Connect to the Tableau server to extract files or upload a workbook file for analysis

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Review Complexity

Easily understand the complexity of each workbook, from low to very complex


Evaluate Estimate

Review estimated effort and cost of migration effort for each workbook or project

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Select Dashboards

Based on effort and cost, select and prioritize the dashboards to convert

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Execute Converter

Connect to data sources, extract the datasets, and convert to Amazon QuickSight

Master Data Management

Validate in QuickSight

View and validate all converted dashboards in Amazon QuickSight environment

Amazon QuickSight delivers fast, intuitive insights for all your decision makers

Decision-makers all over your organization need modern, interactive, and easy-to-use business intelligence tools that deliver fast, accurate insights. Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-based business intelligence service that gives organizations a more scalable, cost-effective self-service alternative.


Amazon QuickSight empowers users to quickly and easily get insights from their data without spending a lot of time and effort on data preparation and analysis. From interactive dashboards and reports to embedded analytics and natural language queries, Amazon QuickSight meets the needs of your diverse user base.

  • Fully managed reporting platform-as-a-service​
  • Enables self-service BI​
  • Serverless with auto-scaling​
  • Easy to manage​
  • Advanced analytics with machine learning insights​
  • Global collaboration with multi-tenancy​
  • Built-in security and compliance​
  • Mobile app support​
  • Accurate forecasting​
  • Pay-per-use pricing (author and reader pricing)
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How Wavicle’s QuickSight migration solution accelerates adoption of Amazon QuickSight

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Tableau-to-Amazon QuickSight converter


Getting to know the Tableau-to-Amazon QuickSight converter

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