Managed IT Services

With Wavicle’s managed IT services, you get a partner that will help you establish, protect, maintain, and support your IT ecosystem. With more than 250 employees and an agile, augmented service model, our U.S.-based clients are supported by managed service and professional service centers in the U.S., as well as data management and data science development hubs in India and Canada. We offer comprehensive solutions, ensuring your technology operates optimally and securely so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Network/IT infrastructure: Enterprise-level support tailor-made to protect and optimize your IT network and infrastructure
  • Application stack: Complete application management services for monitoring, optimizing, and fixing your application stack
  • Help desk and user support: Responsive support ensures users can access and use the technology they need when they need it
  • Web services: Innovative, secure web solutions, with content management services (CMS), quick start solutions and more
  • Data management: Solutions to capture, manage, analyze, and share growing volumes of data

Project management office

When you work with Wavicle for managed IT services, you’ll benefit from our focus on project management and governance. Our methodologies include project management practices from industry standards and best practices based on the Project Management Institute and Business Relationship Management Institute. We provide comprehensive services that include the following:

  • IT strategic planning
  • Project/program management
  • Governance
  • IT budget planning

Technology in higher education

Colleges and universities must adapt their technology environments to support shifting education models, digital learning technologies, and dynamic student profiles. Demands for digital transformation, cybersecurity, multi-tenant cloud computing and smart campus can overwhelm current resources and distract from strategic, innovative thinking. Wavicle has a unique talent pool to help institutions for higher education transform their IT landscape for today and the future.

  • Media services: From the A/V department to distance learning, we’ll help you deliver a positive technology experience.
  • Instructional technology: Management and support for the tools and instructional systems that drive your dynamic learning environment
  • Institutional research: Technology support for ongoing data collection and analysis that drive planning, delivery, and measurement of student success
  • Library services: Flexible, scalable library technology and digital strategies to preserve and deliver library collections, research, and resources

Above all else, Wavicle managed IT Services gives you confidence that your IT systems are working as they should to help professors teach, students learn, and staff support.