Agile Analytics Services

Wavicle’s growing client demand for Agile Analytics Services is further evidence that creative thinking combined with our expertise in advanced lean/agile/accelerator technology results in quantifiable business impact and transformation. Not content with setting the highest standard in analytics solution development and deployment in the U.S., our Agile Analytics consulting team wants to help your enterprise achieve the shortest distance possible between a) analytics strategy/development/improvement; and b) your return on investment.

Our practice internalizes the guiding principles that make agile analytics so appealing for organizations that depend on “speed-to-solution” application development.  With these ideals in mind, Wavicle’s Agile Analytics consultants possess the highest training and certification levels in the cutting-edge tools and methodologies we employ:

  • Bimodal work capability – 24/7 development capacity, from on-site local presence to support from near-shore and on-shore hubs
  • Parallel, rapid prototyping and testing
  • Containerized CI/CD and embedded ML/AI
  • Data ingestion accelerators
  • Pre-built industry analytics modules
  • Analytics-ready enterprise data lakes and data warehouses 

Getting from Point A to Point B has never been easier with Wavicle’s Agile Analytics Services. Using Wavicle’s proven agile approach, our experienced team of innovative problem-solvers are both well prepared and highly motivated to help your enterprise gain competitive traction and accelerate your journey toward better business insights.

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