9 Ways You Can Be Faster, Nimbler, Smarter with Talend Cloud

The complete guide to migrating from Talend on-premises to cloud

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You likely purchased Talend because you needed to simplify your data integration solution. Data volumes were growing, data sources and formats were becoming increasingly diverse, and your business partners wanted to access all of it – yesterday.


Talend helped you become nimbler by quickly ingesting, integrating, analyzing, and sharing all this data while easily incorporating new data sources that pop up all the time. 


While Talend on-premises has served you well, if you have more data residing in more locations than ever before and you need a fast, secure, cost-effective way to make that data analytics-ready (and who doesn’t?), then it may be time to move to Talend Cloud with the help of Wavicle Data Solutions.


Demand soars for cloud data management

Cloud computing has been on the rise for some time now: 94% of organizations say they use a cloud service and cloud budgets grew 59% from 2018 to 2020. Gartner and Forester are both predicting cloud adoption to skyrocket in 2021.


While cloud platforms are known for their scalability, flexibility, and cost savings, they increasingly offer products that help accelerate data processing, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence capabilities.


Driving the need for cloud data integration

Organizations are tapping into more sources of data and moving it through complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments. As a result, demand is also increasing for cloud data integration solutions that not only make it easier to move data between on-premises and cloud systems efficiently, quickly, and securely, but that can also handle the rapid integration of today’s volumes of data.

Data is more difficult to integrate than ever

Many rapidly changing sources

Stored in cloud and on-premises platforms

Endlessly growing data volumes

Real-time or near-real-time integration

Requirements for data privacy and security

9 reasons to switch to Talend Cloud

Talend Cloud offers many benefits for companies whose data now resides fully in the cloud as well as in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 

  1. As a fully managed platform-as-a-service, it takes the pressure off your team to manage hardware maintenance and upgrades 
  2. It is continuously upgraded, often at a faster pace than on-premises solutions, so you always have access to the newest features
  3. It offers a unified platform that includes built-in data integration, data quality, and data governance capabilities, improving data consistency and the productivity of your team 
  4. It comes with more than 1,000 pre-packaged connectors and components to connect quickly and consistently to any cloud or on-premises data source 
  5. Talend Cloud comes with Pipeline Designer, a web-based, self-service application that allows you to build reusable data pipelines to extract, cleanse, and transform data and load it into your data warehouse or data lake for use in dashboards and analytics
  6. Talend Cloud Management Console [TMC] not only schedules and tracks jobs, but also understands the execution environment so that jobs pushed into development, UAT, or production come packaged with all the appropriate security, performance, and access permissions
  7. It allows you to integrate data in batch and real-time on any cloud platform
  8. It reduces your cost of ownership with user-based licensing
  9. Talend’s cloud-native code enables an elastic data architecture that can leverage containers, autoscaling, and orchestration with MicroService and Lambda calls to truly deliver on the “pay by the drink” promise of cloud
“A cloud-centric approach helps customers in many ways, including a faster path to innovation, a focus on core competencies, and an opportunity to redefine or reinvent key elements of their business.”
Rolf Heimes
VP Global Channel and Alliances for Talend

The path to a successful Talend Cloud migration

As a 2020 Talend Expert Cloud Partner, Wavicle Data Solutions has helped many clients seamlessly implement Talend Cloud.


Based on our experience, we’ve compiled the following steps to help you successfully plan your migration:

The path to a successful Talend Cloud migration

  1. Identify project scope
  2. Plan and coordinate teams and resources
  3. Follow a proven methodology
  4. Prioritize migration projects
  5. Automate where possible

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