Accelerators and Frameworks

Wavicle’s leading-edge, proprietary project accelerators and agile frameworks help your enterprise achieve the shortest distance possible between strategy and ROI. Our toolset combined with our expertise delivers future-proof data products in record time. Accelerators and frameworks are the innovative heavy hitters that help your enterprise elevate quality and accelerate time-to-market.


Leveraging battle-tested design patterns and frameworks to get the job done right the first time, we bring accelerators to get the job done fast. Examples include:


  • Data integration framework: Automate many coding tasks in data ingestion objects to build large-scale data pipelines in days or weeks rather than weeks or months
  • DI code generator:  Automate 70-85% of the coding for SQL-to-ETL or ETL-to-ELT or SQL-to-SQL conversions so that data engineers can focus on the hard stuff
  • Database conversion: Automate DDL scripts for moving from data warehouse appliances (Teradata, Neteeza, etc) to Snowflake or Redshift, eliminating need for DBA
  • Test assistant:  Automate test execution, result evaluation, and documentation tasks
  • Infrastructure as code: Library of Terraform configurations to deploy environments for MSTR, Talend, Tableau, SAS, Waterline & Paxata
  • Advanced visualization chart plugins


Wavicle’s near and off-shore development centers are also key players in applying these emerging technologies, providing our local teams with additional resources to solve challenges and develop agile solutions for round-the-clock efforts that save time and cost while keeping future scalability in mind:


  • Bimodal work capability – 24/7 development capacity, from on-site local presence to support from near-shore and on-shore hubs
  • Parallel, rapid prototyping and testing
  • Containerized CI/CD and embedded ML/AI
  • Pre-built, proprietary industry analytics modules
  • Analytics-ready enterprise data lakes and data warehouses


Our innovative accelerators and agile frameworks build on your organization’s successful past investments to create modern data architecture-to-analytics solutions without costly investments in expensive new servers or software technology. Let Wavicle’s accelerator and agile frameworks rapidly enable analytics programs, stay ahead of rapid changes in today’s technology landscape, and achieve better business insight.

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