Supercharge Restaurant Insights With Advanced Analytics and AI

More than ever, restaurants need to collect, analyze, and leverage data to compete in an increasingly complex industry. Whether it’s better understanding customer journeys, staying ahead of competitors, or assessing overall performance, modern analytics tools — such as AI and predictive solutions — allow restaurants to enhance operations and discover fresh avenues for expansion.


Say goodbye to outdated methods and embrace the power of modern restaurant performance analytics.

Advanced analytics and AI-powered restaurant solutions

Wavicle’s team of seasoned restaurant analytics and AI consultants offer solutions to help restaurants with everything from understanding the right KPIs to leveraging the full potential of generative AI and more.

Hyperlocal competitive intelligence


Identify challenges and opportunities at a local level to reduce risk, improve performance, and optimize operations based on your unique location.

Enhance customer journey

Restaurant data strategy


Tap into the power of data and AI to gain a deeper understanding of modern customer journeys, including online ordering, loyalty programs, and more.

Voice of Customer

Generative AI-powered solutions


Accelerate the power of innovation like never before using generative AI to power chatbots, run analytics, and examine customer sentiment.

Customer 360

Customer 360 analytics


Personalize customer experiences, increase sales, and improve loyalty with an accurate and holistic view of your customers’ brand interactions.


Improving customer satisfaction begins with superior text analytics

A leading restaurant chain needed a robust, scalable voice of the customer (VoC) solution to collect, analyze, and act on over 95,000 daily customer comments.


Wavicle’s restaurant analytics and AI solutions team helped them capture internal and external data, analyze it with over 80% accuracy using natural language processing, and provide insights in near real-time.

Hyperlocal competitive intelligence

No two restaurants are alike. Differences in staffing, location, supply chain, equipment, and local competitors mean that competitive intelligence initiatives must be specific to each location.


Wavicle’s hyperlocal competitive intelligence solution helps to identify challenges and opportunities for each restaurant location, empowering leaders to make informed decisions that fit their unique circumstances.

BI modernization dashboard

AI-driven sentiment analysis

ActiveInsights is an AI-powered advanced text analytics and sentiment analysis solution that visualizes large volumes of integrated customer feedback data, uncovering key details and letting companies focus on what matters: turning feedback into action.

Customer 360 analytics

You have CSAT scores, social feedback, transaction data, loyalty data, chat logs, and a slew of other data sources. Despite all of that data, do you really know who your customers are and what they want?


Our customer 360 solution integrates multiple data sources to give you a clear view of your customers’ behaviors and preferences so you can deliver the personalized experiences consumers have come to expect.


Take your restaurant’s customers from anonymous to advocates with customer 360.

A female customer uses a touchscreen

Restaurant data strategy

Working with some of the world’s largest quick-service and full-service restaurants, we have extensive experience helping restaurants increase customer satisfaction, strengthen brand loyalty, and drive growth through data, analytics, and AI. Wherever you are on your analytics journey, Wavicle can help you set a strong foundation for insight and explore new possibilities with cutting-edge technologies.

End-to-end restaurant data, analytics, and AI services

Wavicle helps restaurants do more with their data by providing comprehensive cloud, data, analytics, and AI services that cater to their diverse needs. From data services that guarantee reliable, accessible, and actionable data to AI solutions that automate processes and unlock remarkable insights, Wavicle can support you at any stage of your data journey.


Data management 

Get your data to work for you with a superior restaurant data strategy, AI-powered customer solutions, and more.

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Data platform management

Tap into the power of the cloud to support the speed and scalability your business needs to outperform the competition.


Data governance, privacy, & compliance

Harness high-quality data to make strategic decisions, protect sensitive data, and ensure legal compliance.


Business intelligence & insights

Gain valuable insights quickly with visually compelling and reliable reports, analytics, and data visualizations.

data science and advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Accelerate growth, profitability, and more with predictive analytics, AI, and machine learning.

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Accelerated AI for restaurants.
Modern solutions. Rooted in experience.

Our restaurant data, analytics, and AI experts will help you unlock the power of your data to address complex restaurant-industry needs.


Meet Duane Lyons

Duane Lyons is the head of Wavicle’s restaurant practice, leveraging his extensive industry knowledge, technical acumen, and innovative mindset to help restaurants unlock the full potential of data, analytics, and AI technology. With more than 20 years of experience in technology, data, and analytics, Duane helps our customers achieve their goals and overcome business challenges using cutting-edge solutions.

Duane Lyons



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