Data Science Services

From discovery and model building to the lab and finally production, Wavicle’s experienced data scientists use industry-leading toolkits, libraries, and frameworks to help enterprises maximize predictive power and accelerate the time-to-value of their data assets.

Wavicle’s dedicated team of data scientists and machine learning (ML) model development and operationalization experts in our U.S., near-shore, and off-shore locations build, test, and manage data science projects for our global customers throughout the stages of the model development and operationalization lifecycle. Wavicle’s depth of resources; expertise in the data engineering,  DevOps, and data science space; and team-based approach help your enterprise succeed by closing the gap between the science lab and the front line of business where real value is created.


What are data science consulting services?

Data science consulting combines industry expertise with advanced analytics technologies to help businesses make the best use of their data. Consulting services connect experts with companies to evaluate their current data sources and discover opportunities for increased insight. Then, consulting teams design, create, and test data science models to create proof-of-concept frameworks for large-scale data model deployments.


How can data science consultants help your business?

Expert data science consultants help your businesses by bridging the gap between data science and actionable insight. Using approaches such as machine learning development, robotic process automation (RPA), and agile analytics, consultants build data models capable of testing new analytic approaches and outcomes. This allows companies to quickly identify, implement, and scale up data models that deliver business value.


Partnering with data science experts offers three key benefits:


  • Streamlined outcomes: By creating and testing multiple data models, scientists can help companies pinpoint ideal use cases and deploy solutions that drive specific outcomes.
  • Simplified implementations: By combining real-world data with machine learning and automated analysis, consultants can close the gap between lab testing and front-line business value, in turn simplifying implementation at scale.
  • Scalable operations: By developing sustainable data models, consultants set the stage for scalable operations that help drive long-term success.


Why do data science solutions matter?

These solutions matter because they help companies stay ahead of the competition. With effective data use as the dividing line between getting ahead of the curve and falling behind, developing ideal frameworks for data insight and decision-making is essential for success.

This data-driven approach also plays a critical role in compliance. To meet evolving regulatory expectations, companies must ensure data is properly collected, managed, and used at scale. Data science provides the testable foundation necessary to build compliant frameworks.


When is the right time to implement data science services?

The sooner, the better. As the volume, velocity, and variety of data companies collect rapidly increases, data modeling and management are essential to maximize the value of data while reducing the complexity of implementation and oversight. By setting the stage for data-driven insight with expert consulting and evaluation, businesses are better prepared to meet the evolving challenges of data-first markets.


Why choose Wavicle’s data science solutions?

At Wavicle, we combine industry expertise with cutting-edge data science technologies and techniques to create a comprehensive approach to data analytics and decision-making.

Our rapid delivery data and analytics solutions leverage cloud technologies and advanced accelerators to help drive improved outcomes, while our 500-plus consultants and data experts help build solutions that are cost-effective and tailored to meet your business needs.

Ready to maximize the value of your digital assets? Dive into data science with Wavicle.

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