Delta Lake and Talend

Modern data architecture with Delta Lake and Talend

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About Wavicle Data Solutions

Delta Lake and Talend

Modern data architecture with Delta Lake and Talend

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Delta Lake and Talend

Modern data architecture with Delta Lake and Talend

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Why Wavicle is the Right Choice for Your Business

We enable and empower data-driven enterprises.

Since 2013, Wavicle’s team of consultants, data architects, cloud engineers, and developers work with enterprises like yours to build a roadmap to success with unmatched technology expertise, creative innovation, and superior customer service. Our toolkit of proprietary accelerators helps clients deliver industrial strength data analytics solutions in record time. From data management services and cloud migration consulting to dashboard development and data analytics consulting, our professionals span the globe to enable and empower data-driven enterprises. Regardless of the state of your data, Wavicle can help get you on the right track toward delivering more profitable and competitive business outcomes.

“As more companies take their data to the cloud, Wavicle is committed to offering strategic advice and expert development for their data warehouse, cloud migration, and data integration projects.”

Naveen Venkatapathi
Founder and President, Wavicle Data Solutions

We are pioneers in professional services for cloud.

Cloud, data and analytics solutions are all we do. Focusing on cloud-native technologies with zero bias, we deliver fast, scalable solutions using the best tools for the job. In short, if you’re looking for a more efficient and cost effective way to capture, integrate, migrate, analyze and share data, Wavicle can help.

We provide rapidly scalable, cost-optimized teams focused on customer service.

Our team is a global workforce with a local, hands-on presence. Also noteworthy, 45% of our team members are women. Headquartered in Chicago, our local client-facing professionals work on-site as a collaborative part of your client team.

Wavicle’s near-shore (in partnership with McGill University, Montreal, Canada) and off-shore (Coimbatore, India) data science and development resource hubs provide supplemental, round-the-clock project support to ramp up and deploy business solutions much faster and at a fraction of the cost of hiring and training in-house personnel.

We are innovators, with a growing arsenal of proven accelerators driving faster results.

When speed matters, and the challenge is to develop the most appropriate solution architectures that can quickly accomplish your organization’s business intelligence goals, Wavicle’s frameworks, automated scripts and configuration libraries are capable of accelerating cloud EDW/EDL migration timeframes in days instead of weeks.

Wavicle’s proprietary reporting and data visualization tools including its Advanced Visualization Chart Plugins enable self-service actionable insight and decision support, so your business can make informed business decisions.

Focusing on AI, automation, and machine learning concepts, researchers at Wavicle’s near- and off-shore data science and development resource hubs are continually exploring and developing faster tools and methods to creatively solve client business and technology challenges with Database Integration Frameworks, Database Conversions, and Infrastructure-as-Code Terraform configurations.

We are experts in traditional and emerging technologies.

As Technology Agnostics, we build right-fit solutions for a wide range of industries with data tools and frameworks that leverage deep experience in current and cutting-edge technology.

Our 250+ consultants, data architects, cloud engineers, and developers possess skills and experience across the technology stack, helping your business combine successful past investments with new tools. Wavicle staff professionals commit to keeping up with rapid changes in technology to maintain expert proficiencies in next-generation technology.

We cultivate formal partnerships

Named an Inc. 500 firm in 2019 as well as One of Chicago’s top 10 fastest growing firms, Wavicle continues its rapid rise among modern data architecture firms through established formal partnerships with Talend, Snowflake, Databricks, AWS and Tableau — each an acclaimed vendor in the data, cloud and analytics technology landscape.

In January 2019, Talend presented Wavicle its Channel Partner Achievement of Success Award.