Why Wavicle

Constructing a new software design

Empowering data-driven enterprises

You need to make informed business decisions, quickly. Wavicle can help.


Our team brings unmatched technology expertisebusiness knowledge, and superior customer service skills to deliver more flexible, profitable business outcomes fast.


From data management services and cloud migration consulting to dashboard development and data analytics consulting, our professionals enable and empower data-driven enterprises.

Rapid data, rapid returns

Wavicle’s rapid delivery data and analytics solutions leverage cloud technologies and proprietary accelerators to quickly give you trusted data to drive innovation, improve decision-making, and optimize your bottom line.


Accelerate data warehouse and data lake migration timeframes by months, display data visualization dashboards in seconds, and drive real-time decisions when every second counts.

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Business People

Scalable, cost-effective solutions and support

Our 500+ consultants, data architects, cloud engineers, and developers build cost-effective, right-fit solutions leveraging our team’s deep knowledge of current and cutting-edge data and analytics technology and frameworks.


Our local, near-shore, and off-shore teams provide round-the-clock project support to ramp up and deploy business solutions much faster and at a fraction of the cost.

Cloud, data, and analytics solutions are all we do

Focusing on cloud-native technologies with zero bias, we deliver fast, scalable solutions using the best tools for the job. If you’re looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to capture, integrate, migrate, analyze and share data, Wavicle’s cloud migrations consultants can help.

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Partnering for success

We have been named an Inc. 500 firm two years in a row as well as one of Chicago’s top 10 fastest growing firms.


Wavicle is rapidly growing due to our customer-centric approach, innovative accelerators, and formal partnerships with acclaimed vendors in the cloud data and analytics technology landscape, like Talend, Snowflake, Databricks, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.