Wavicle’s Augmented Data Management Platform


Organizations that effectively use analytics outperform their competitors. But, it all starts with the right data.


Now you can quickly and easily integrate data from on-prem or cloud sources, check your data quality, and meet data privacy requirements in a single cloud-based platform – no coding required.


Spend less time preparing data and more time gaining a competitive edge with Augment.


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The easiest way to manage your data and your time

Why waste 6 or more months integrating and managing data when you can do it in only 3 weeks?


Wavicle’s augmented data management platform automates your data management tasks, significantly cutting your costs and timelines.


Whether used alone or natively integrated with your current infrastructure, Augment lets your data engineers, data scientists, and citizen developers do what they do best: analyze and share analytics that can be used to improve existing product lines, ramp up innovation, and drive new revenue streams.

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Faster development of data pipelines
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Reduction in time spent on data quality processes
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Less time spent managing data privacy rules

Data integration at a
fraction of the time and cost

Seamlessly integrate, source, and manage your data pipelines from your browser. Augment’s meta-driven framework augments the creation of ingestion pipelines, drastically simplifying the process of building complex and scalable ELT/ETL pipelines.


Accelerate trust in the quality of your data

Augment’s machine learning-powered data quality module ensures you have access to the clean, accurate data you need to drive better decision making. Simply use the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to check your data quality in minutes. If there are any errors, Augment will tell you exactly what they are and how to resolve them.


Comply with consumer privacy regulations fast

Augment’s data privacy module protects your personal and sensitive data using pattern recognition and machine-based classifications. It automatically applies any necessary regulatory actions to your data to ensure your company meets compliance requirements.


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