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Achieve data lake reliability and performance at scale


One of our recent tech advancements is the Delta Lake, which answers data integrity challenges of most data lakes. Here at Wavicle, safeguarding the integrity of our clients’ data lakes to withstand large volumes of ongoing transactions without corruption is a fundamental must-have. Our teams have been rolling out this game-changer solution in close partnership with tech industry leaders Databricks and Talend with exceptional results.


How it works:

Delta Lake’s real-world, open-source technology sits on top of existing data lake file storage, such as AWS S3, Azure Data Lake Storage, or HDFS, to ensure that data lakes contain only high-quality data for consumers. Using versioned Apache Parquet files to store data, It supports evolving schemas and goes beyond Lambda architecture with unified streaming and batch processing using the same code and data pipelines. Delta Lakes creator Michael Armbrust is pleased to note, “Delta Lake also stores a transaction log to keep track of all the commits made to provide expanded capabilities like ACID transactions, data versioning, and audit history. To access the data, you can use open Spark APIs, or a Parquet reader to read the files directly.”


The bottom line:

Deploying real-world Delta Lake technology is opening up new frontiers in enterprise data management and governance, allowing our teams to leverage native connectors to clients’ widely used databases, applications, and file storage systems to create better access and reduce ETL implementation time from months to weeks, if not less.


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