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Wavicle’s data visualization specialists view Tableau as a tremendously powerful sports car, capable of so much more than a Sunday afternoon spin around the block. Wavicle’s role, as a Tableau software developer partner, is to maximize the full potential of this truly formidable data analytics and reporting solution.


The Tableau platform and product portfolio (Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, Tableau Online, and Tableau Server) helps organizations better see and understand their data. By integrating and blending big data analytics endeavors with Tableau’s superb data visualization applications across all business groups (including finance, human resources, IT management, marketing and sales, supply, and support to name just a few), Wavicle can provide your enterprise with surprisingly intuitive visualization functionality and speed. In harnessing and prepping big data for analytics, dashboard visualizations, and thorough reports with pre-built, highly navigable modules for end business users, Wavicle’s goal is to help your business transform this powerful tool into insights that drive action without burdening hardworking internal IT departments:


  • Achieve outstanding visualization capabilities with blended operational data
  • Build easy-to-use dashboards and reporting functions for autonomous use across internal organizations
  • Improve performance with automated processes and faster processing times
  • View and report on real-time data using any devices
  • Create multiple data source connections
  • Securely access and consume data anywhere you need it—via browser, desktop, mobile device, or within an embedded application


Wavicle’s dedicated data analytics and visualization pros—using Tableau’s patented VizQL technology—provide the guiding hand behind your Tableau platform installation, offering rapid ROI and ongoing support that spans all of your environments, whether desktop, mobile, cloud server, or offline portal.



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