Fueling Growth, Insight, and Profitability With Analytics and AI for Travel and Hospitality

Following years of disruption, the travel and hospitality industry is positioned for a revolution. Customer expectations are at an all-time high and the burdens on staff continue to grow. The key to addressing these challenges – and beating the competition – lies in data. With access to more data than ever before and game-changing AI technologies, success starts with data and analytics.


How can your data fuel your business?

Fueling Growth, Insight, and Profitability With Analytics and AI for Travel and Hospitality

Value-driven travel and hospitality solutions

Modernize your data and analytics

In today’s travel and hospitality landscape, data-driven decision-making is a must for companies that want to remain competitive. Wavicle helps travel and hospitality companies build the data infrastructure needed to enable accurate insights and advanced analytics.

Harness innovative technologies

Emerging technologies like generative AI have changed the way travel and hospitality companies can operate and serve their customers. Wavicle’s team helps businesses harness innovative technologies to streamline operations and extend their competitive advantage in the market.

Power productivity and automation

With consistent labor shortages and pressures to drive growth and profitability, new opportunities for automation hold the key to productivity. Wavicle has the expertise to help travel and hospitality companies use their data to automate processes and increase efficiency.

Enhancing customer insights for a leading hotel brand

This prominent hotel chain wanted a deeper understanding of guest behaviors but struggled to extract, transform, and analyze data efficiently from their reservation and loyalty systems.


Explore how Wavicle built DevOps and MLOps pipelines that improved quality control, reduced costs, and increased efficiency while helping the hospitality leader better serve and engage guests.

Enhancing customer insights for a leading hotel brand

Accelerate data-driven results

Whether you’re starting your data and analytics journey or exploring new ways to leverage the latest technologies, Wavicle’s team of hospitality data, analytics, and AI consultants can help accelerate your journey and realize business value.

Our travel and hospitality data analytics services


Data management 

Maximize the value of your data with data management and infrastructure strategies that fuel your goals.

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Data platform management

Transform your data ecosystem by migrating to and optimizing a cloud environment for greater scalability and performance.


Data governance, privacy, & compliance

Improve data quality, protect sensitive customer information, and ensure regulatory compliance.


Business intelligence & insights

Dive deeper into your business, your operations, and your customers with accurate, intuitive data visualizations.

data science and advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Harness cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning to drive insight, automation, and results.

Driving customer engagement for a global restaurant brand

Driving customer engagement for a global restaurant brand

This leading worldwide restaurant brand needed a more holistic view of their customers to accelerate greater engagement and brand loyalty.


See how Wavicle built a 360-degree customer view and leveraged machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities to segment customers and create offers, powering better customer experiences.


Meet Duane Lyons

Duane Lyons leads Wavicle’s travel and hospitality practice, enabling businesses to overcome challenges and achieve their objectives through state-of-the-art data, analytics, and AI solutions. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience and deep industry expertise, Duane empowers our travel and hospitality customers to harness the power of data, analytics, and AI technology to realize their full potential.

Duane Lyons



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