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Wavicle helped one of the biggest hotel chains in the US implement DevOps and MLOps practices to improve customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and maximize business growth.
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DevOps and MLOps

Hotel Chain Enhances Customer Insights With DevOps and MLOps Pipelines

A prominent hotel chain wanted to gain deeper insights into its customers’ behaviors and journeys to improve customer experience and operational efficiency. However, their internal team faced challenges in extracting, transforming, and analyzing data efficiently from their data sources. They turned to Wavicle to build resilient DevOps and MLOps pipelines to automate cloud infrastructure, code deployment, and model deployment. In doing so, they aimed to enhance efficiency and the overall guest experience while also focusing on introducing quality control measures and reducing costs.


Operational hurdles for data and analytics teams   

To gain a deeper understanding of guest behaviors and interactions, the hotel chain undertook the task of conducting market basket analysis. They aimed to leverage their reservation data and loyalty program information to uncover valuable insights. 


However, in pursuing these efforts, the hotel’s internal teams encountered challenges that demanded attention and resolution. These challenges spanned across infrastructure, platform, and data science domains, impacting the hotel’s ability to pull accurate customer insights, the quality of their data projects, and the efficiency of their data-driven initiatives. These challenges included:


  • Spending excessive time in manual cloud provisioning, resulting in resource drain 
  • Struggling with inefficient processes related to code development, testing, and deployment processes, which had a direct impact on project quality 
  • Experiencing difficulties in seamlessly transitioning machine learning (ML) models to the live production environment, resulting in time-consuming model rebuilding efforts 


The hotel brand collaborated with Wavicle’s advanced analytics experts to craft a tailored solution that integrated DevOps and MLOps practices. This approach was designed to enhance customer experience, streamline the internal team’s workflows, boost quality control, and expedite the deployment of machine learning models and codes. 


The path to enhanced operational excellence   

To address the issues head-on, Wavicle constructed robust DevOps and MLOps pipelines, automating cloud provisioning, optimizing code deployment, and expediting ML model implementations. Wavicle delivered a three-part solution to help the teams tackle their issues, reduce opportunities for error, and accelerate their project timelines:


  • Cloud infrastructure automation: An infrastructure as code (IaC) pipeline constructed using Jenkins and Terraform reduced the infrastructure team’s repetitive and manual operations of creating and managing cloud workloads. This automation transformed jobs that previously took multiple hours into quick tasks that take just a few minutes.  
  • Code deployment: A CI/CD pipeline, established using AWS CodePipeline, streamlined the process of building, testing, and deploying code. This gave the team more control over deployments and removed the time-consuming steps from the process.  
  • ML model deployment: A pipeline using Amazon SageMaker simplified the replication of models across environments, eliminating the manual time and effort of rebuilding ML models. This enhances model deployment, simplifies model management, and ultimately improves the organization’s agility and data-driven capabilities.  


Wavicle’s successful DevOps and MLOps pipeline implementation helped the hotel efficiently collect, transform, and analyze data from their reservation and loyalty program sources. This streamlined data transformation and model deployment resulted in improved insights into customer behavior and journeys and promoted better decision-making.


The solution had a profound impact on improving project quality control within the organization through optimized processes, streamlined workflows, and automation of routine tasks. In addition, it provided new options to tag cloud resources according to the team that was using them, simplifying expense tracking measures. As a result, the hotel chain realized cost savings through more efficient resource utilization and minimized manual efforts. 


Enhanced efficiency and customer experience understanding 

Wavicle’s strategic implementation of DevOps and MLOps pipelines yielded remarkable results for this hotel chain. The company experienced the following results:


  • Enhanced customer insights: Gained valuable insights into customer preferences, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to improve guest experiences.  
  • Operational efficiency: Improved productivity through infrastructure and code automation, resulting in enhanced workflows and higher project quality upon deployment.  
  • Flexible model deployment: Saved data scientists significant time and effort through the quick deployment of models to the production environment that were built and certified in lower environments.  
  • Competitive edge: Enhanced operational efficiency and competitive advantage by simplifying the process of optimizing its customer offerings.  


Embracing DevOps and MLOps practices brought a new era of transformation for the hotel chain. These practices played a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and agility of the hotel’s operations, making tasks smoother and more nimble. This also led to a more profound understanding of customer interactions, enabling the hotel to better serve, engage, and advertise to their core customers. These new efficiencies benefit the organization’s bottom line and enhance the overall experience for its valued guests.