Dashboard and Reporting Services

Wavicle’s Dashboard and Reporting services leverage our modern data architecture, big data technology, and agile analytics. Based on these pillars, our data visualization solutions create an up-to-date single source of truth that helps your business succeed.  

Taking advantage Wavicle pre-built extensions and adaptors, Wavicle’s dashboard and reporting consultants specialize in developing robust, scalable dashboard and reporting tools that place operational control and better business planning back into the hands of those who need it most. Harnessing the speed and agility of agile analytics and leading-edge data visualization software, our teams quickly build, test, and deploy dashboard analytics and reporting functions for a host of diverse business users. 

Wavicle’s data visualization services integrate all the moving parts within your cloud architecture, merging big data technologies with visualization tools to deliver self-serve reports for better business insights. Our tools incorporate KPI analytics to measure how effectively your business is achieving key business objectives: 

  • Test-to-Market Initiatives 
  • Market Basket Analysis 
  • Predictive Analytics with Seasonality Adjustments 
  • Reporting and Forecasting Tools 
  • Operations and Equipment Maintenance
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • KPIs for Sales and Operations
  • Supply Chain – supplier quality management systems, supplier workforce accountability, general supplier information, brand protection, sustainability, and costs across distribution centers, suppliers, transactional cost points

From senior executives and managers to administrative support, Wavicle’s self-serve dashboard analytics and reporting tools help your business connect cross-channel data points—marketing, sales and operations, manufacturing and supply chain, customer support and IT, among others—to improve decision-making and foster collaboration toward realizing your business goals.

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