Driving Healthcare Innovation Through Data, Insights, and Advanced Analytics

Patient expectations are changing, regulations are evolving, and healthcare organizations everywhere are having to do more with less. From driving patient engagement to keeping up with transparency requirements to creating operational efficiencies, data and analytics are key to surviving and thriving in today’s complex healthcare environment.


What new opportunities could your data unleash?

Driving healthcare innovation through data, insights, and advanced analytics

Impact-focused healthcare solutions

Optimize operations

Battling a workforce shortage and increasing demands on the healthcare industry, organizations must find ways to reduce administrative burdens, streamline workflows, and drive efficiency. Wavicle helps healthcare organizations optimize and augment processes to enable their teams to work more efficiently.

Engage patients

As patients’ expectations for care evolve and health data becomes increasingly available, healthcare organizations have new opportunities to engage patients and improve care. Wavicle’s customer analytics experience helps healthcare companies gain a holistic understanding of their patients’ current and future needs and challenges.

Ensure compliance

In an industry already heavy with regulation and patient privacy requirements, healthcare companies are continuously forced to adapt to new legislation that focuses on issues like price transparency and interoperability. Wavicle’s healthcare experts help organizations ensure compliance while leveraging data to boost care.

Embrace innovation

From telehealth to wearable IoT devices, new technologies have fundamentally shifted how healthcare organizations can interact with and serve their patients. Wavicle helps healthcare companies stay on the cutting edge with analytics, data science, and AI strategies to manage and analyze patient data and drive continued innovation.

Accelerated reporting and data consolidation for Vyaire Medical

Following a series of acquisitions, Vyaire Medial faced challenges integrating data from multiple ERPs, resulting in extensive and highly manual reporting processes. Learn how Wavicle consolidated Vyaire’s data and streamlined its reporting, reducing reporting timelines from days to minutes.

Accelerated reporting and data consolidation for Vyaire Medical

Transform healthcare outcomes

From advancing medical research to ensuring regulatory compliance, Wavicle’s data, analytics, and AI consulting services empower healthcare organizations to improve patient care and boost operational efficiency.

Our healthcare data analytics services


Data management 

Make your data your strongest asset with data integration and management strategies that fit your business and patient objectives.

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Data platform management

Modernize and optimize your data ecosystem on the cloud for reduced costs, high performance, and greater scalability.


Data governance, privacy, & compliance

Protect your patients and your organization with solutions built to ensure high-quality data and regulatory compliance.


Business intelligence & insights

Access rapid insights that improve operations and outcomes with intuitive reporting and data visualizations.

data science and advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Innovate, augment, and automate business capabilities with AI, predictive modeling, and machine learning.


Embracing AI and innovation in healthcare

Explore how AI innovations are transforming healthcare and empowering organizations to navigate the evolving business landscape with confidence in an interview with Sue Pittacora, Chief Strategy Officer at Wavicle Data Solutions, and Himanshu Arora, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Transformative AI strategies in Healthcare
Improving healthcare data analytics quality for a medical device manufacturer

Improving data and analytics quality for a medical device manufacturer

This medical device company struggled with siloed data, which created difficulties in customer onboarding, order processing, and financial management. See how Wavicle’s team helped them create a single source of truth and improve the quality of their internal data and analytics with a comprehensive master data management program. 



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