Get more value from your data

No matter where your data lives or how much there is, Wavicle can help deliver the data your business users need when they need it.

Whether you’re migrating to a cloud environment or analyzing customer buying habits and financial trends, you’ll get custom, flexible solutions to deliver business value fast. From strategy through development, our solutions are focused on capturing, storing, and processing more data than ever before, and delivering the deepest insights about your business yet.

We combine unmatched expertise in modern cloud, data, and analytics technologies with innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation, to make your company smarter and more agile.

Wavicle’s experience spans the data lifecycle, from designing the right data architecture to crafting business intelligence and analytics solutions. We collaborate with you, solving today’s data challenges, preparing you for tomorrow’s, and helping bridge the gap between.

Wavicle helps navigate the complex landscape of traditional and emerging technologies to determine the right solution for your business, without bias for particular products. With a broad understanding of the data solutions landscape, we avoid reframing your projects to fit particular technologies. Instead, we recommend and build solutions that are right for your enterprise.

With sizeable investments in current solutions, companies are cautious about rip-and-replace solutions. Our approach is to keep what’s working for you and add new technologies and capabilities to meet growing demands for data. We focus on delivering iterative, production-quality efforts to prove value and correct course as needed, before further investment.

To control project budgets and speed time to delivery, Wavicle uses a global staffing model, mirroring on-shore and off-shore teams.



Vision and Strategy

With experience across many industries, we help craft a business-focused vision and strategy for data and analytics.

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Analytics Framework

The most important consideration when implementing your business intelligence architecture is not what technology it’s built on, but what the business need is.

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Data Health Check and Refactor Performance

Understand how the business uses current data and analytics solutions so you can identify and correct gaps and performance problems.

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Machine Learning and Automation

Wavicle has the expertise you need to initiate or expand your use of AI to improve your business.

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Big Data Adoption

The problem is no longer getting data. The problem is what to do with it and how to turn it into actionable insights that become business differentiators.

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Cloud Migration

Lift-and-shift or cloud-native? Wavicle can help formulate the right strategy for your cloud migration efforts.


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