Accelerating The Power of Data Insights for Retail

In today’s modern landscape, retailers must use their data to its full potential by unlocking advanced data capabilities and business intelligence. From improving real-time customer insights both in-store and online to uncovering operational cost savings to avoiding disruption and market-share erosion, retailers with the right data strategy and foundation will successfully navigate and grow in the ever-changing world of customer preferences, technology, and competition.


Are you ready to accelerate the power of your data?

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Results-driven retail solutions

Drive profitable growth

Data management challenges like data silos, poor data governance, and limited data access hold retailers back from tapping into the full potential of their data and gaining the insights they need. Wavicle’s retail data and analytics expertise helps retailers uncover new revenue channels, product innovations, and operational efficiencies to drive profitable growth.

Deliver personalization

Today’s customers demand personalization. Targeted services, product recommendations, and offers are essential to stay top of mind and keep customers loyal. Through advanced analytics, AI, and customer 360, Wavicle can help you deliver a top-tier customer journey and personalize experiences to meet your customers’ expectations.

Achieve sustainability goals

From government compliance to consumer demand, the need for sustainability is a major initiative for many retailers. Wavicle empowers retailers with real-time and advanced analytics capabilities to uncover opportunities to reduce waste, expose potential compliance issues, and improve sustainability compliance reporting.

Optimize operations

Retailers hold tremendous potential to optimize operations and reduce costs using data from customers, inventory, marketing, sales, logistics, staffing, and more. Wavicle helps retailers manage and govern these complex data environments and leverage next-generation analytics and AI to unlock cost-saving operational insights.

Boosting customer lifetime value for a music retailer

A leading music retailer sought to maximize customer lifetime value by using customer data to identify critical moments in the buying journey and upsell and cross-sell products. Discover how Wavicle helped them to build and implement a strategy to leverage their data to make this a reality and boost revenue.

Boosting Customer Lifetime Value for a Music Retailer: Enhancing Upselling and Cross-selling with Customer Data case study

Supercharge retail outcomes

From driving product innovation to optimizing marketing spend to increasing trust in shareholder reporting, Wavicle’s data, analytics, and AI consulting services help retailers quickly drive results and maximize success.

Our retail data analytics services


Data management 

Get your data to work for you with a superior retail data strategy, AI-powered customer solutions, and more.

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Data platform management

Tap into the power of the cloud to support the speed and scalability your business needs to outperform the competition.


Data governance, privacy, & compliance

Harness high-quality data to make strategic decisions, protect sensitive data, and ensure legal compliance.


Business intelligence & insights

Gain valuable insights quickly with visually compelling and reliable reports, analytics, and data visualizations.

data science and advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Accelerate growth, profitability, and more with predictive analytics, AI, and machine learning.

Machine learning-powered ordering system for a national retailer case study

Modernizing order management with machine learning for a national retailer

A national retailer wanted to optimize pricing and simplify the order process to address the challenges posed by their expanding network of stores and intricate product catalog. Learn how Wavicle helped them modernize their systems and achieve their goals with a web-based order management portal that leverages sophisticated machine learning algorithms and seamless integration with store POS systems.


“Wavicle Data Solutions excels in solving complex challenges, offering expertise in migrations and optimization, data solutions, cross-domain migration, and tech integration, making them a go-to company for any data-related issues.”

Jerry Louis Testimonial

Jerry Louis

Chief Technology Officer,

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Meet Andrew Simmons

Andrew Simmons leads the retail practice for Wavicle, where he brings his combination of deep industry experience, influential thought leadership, and excellent delivery abilities to assist retailers in achieving profitable and sustainable futures. With 15 years of experience in technology, data, and analytics, Andrew helps our clients succeed with advisory and implementation expertise.

Andrew Simmons



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