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This client engaged Wavicle to build an efficient and reliable pipeline of customer data to Amazon Connect to maximize their customer lifetime value and increase post-purchase upselling and cross-selling opportunities.
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Retail/CPG Leader Accelerates Data Pipeline to Maximize Post-Purchase Revenue

Incomplete customer journeys leave money on the table 

Customer experience and relationships heavily influence buying decisions and revenue streams. Having access to real-time and reliable customer data allows companies to delight customers at scale and capitalize on their actions to guide customers towards buying decisions, creating opportunities for success. Challenges arise, however, when data is slow to access, making it difficult to reach customers at the right time and deliver the best customer experience. 


A retail/CPG leader in the music industry was looking for a way to improve their customer lifetime value by upselling and cross-selling products across their product suite. The company wanted to leverage their extensive customer data to connect customers with sales specialists to aid in post-purchase support. Their existing workflow and data pipeline lacked the efficiency and speed to initiate relevant and timely communications with their customers. The inability to connect the right person to the right specialist at the right time caused them to lose out on post-purchase opportunities for buyers and accurate analysis of post-purchase behavior. 


Stream-processing platform makes real-time data a forte 

The company reached out to Wavicle Data Solutions to maximize the efficiency of their data flow. The existing pipeline started from the point of sale, where data would first be imported into the company’s CRM and customer data platform (CDP) at the time of purchase, then would be sent to Amazon Connect.


To improve the speed and scalability of the data pipeline process, we implemented Confluent Kafka, a high-performance data stream processor, into this workflow. Kafka takes customer information from the point of sale and then applies rules-based logic to the data to be used for call routing via DynamoDB and Lambda functions. This allows for quick, low-latency transfers of data even while using the company’s existing data architecture, removing the need for restructuring. The overall architecture is also set up to adhere to business rules such as avoiding national do-not-call lists, avoiding calling customers outside the United States, and avoiding calling outside business hours. These rules ensure that the right customers are engaged by the relevant specialists.


We seamlessly integrated the solution into the next steps of the workflow in Amazon Connect, which initiates an outbound call immediately after a purchase to connect the customer directly with a specialist agent. These agents address the customers’ questions about the product that they purchased and offer to help with product set-up and in-store resources to improve their experience. Above all, this pipeline allows agents to seize opportunities to guide customers toward additional buying decisions.


Solutions optimize engagement tempo 

This improved workflow not only gives the company’s marketing and sales teams fast access to real-time, actionable customer information but also allows them to re-engage customers at the perfect time after their purchase. With a newly supercharged data pipeline, the company is now capable of engaging with customers at ideal moments with increased bandwidth. Using specialist agents, the company can easily upsell and cross-sell products effectively. 


Wavicle’s data consultants helped unlock and maximize an instrumental step in the buyer’s journey that creates lasting lifetime value, delivering an industry-leading customer experience. Successful businesses are driven by customer satisfaction and delight, and real-time data pipelines ensure that customers are both catered to and cared for after their purchase, allowing access to additional revenue.