Extract Actionable Insights With Text Analytics and NLP

Text analytics and natural language processing (NLP) help businesses extract insight from unstructured text, enabling more informed decision-making and deeper customer understanding. At Wavicle, we help businesses unlock the hidden potential of internal and external unstructured data – including inputs from social media, reviews, and sites like Google Maps – to better understand customer sentiment, discover market trends, and improve their business strategy.


Tap into your unstructured data’s potential to discover growth avenues and drive your business toward success. Contact us today to unlock the transformative capabilities of text analytics and NLP.

Turn unrefined text into practical intelligence with text analytics and NLP solutions

Improve customer satisfaction by prioritizing and responding to customer issues

Enhance strategic decision-making with valuable insights from social media, reviews, and more

Respond rapidly to new opportunities and changes in demand by keeping up with customer sentiment

Shape product development and marketing strategies by identifying customer preferences and pain points


Unveil insights through text analytics

Within every piece of unstructured data, there is hidden value waiting to be discovered. Our commitment is to help you extract this value, offering you the information needed to seize new opportunities, better understand your customers, and adapt to dynamic market trends.


Our extensive experience building and deploying text analytics solutions helps us ensure your outcomes are not only accurate but also finely tuned to specific business needs. We light the path from data to action, helping you succeed and innovate in your industry.


Discover strategic opportunities with NLP

Natural language processing holds the key to unlocking a deeper understanding of human communication in the digital age. Wavicle’s engineers and data scientists decode complex language and data patterns to help you navigate the intricacies of your industry and lead with informed decisions.


Our deep industry and technical knowledge allow us to harness the full potential of NLP to help you meet your business goals. Whether it’s deciphering customer sentiments or predicting market trends, we’re here to guide you on this data-driven journey.


McDonald’s improves customer satisfaction with text analytics

The leading global food service retailer wanted to quickly and accurately interpret customer experience data for improved decision-making. To do so, their consumer insights and social listening teams sought a more robust and flexible text analytics solution to effectively uncover sentiment and context at scale.


Learn how Wavicle implemented ActiveInsights™, a text analytics solution with NLP capabilities, to help McDonald’s dig deeper into customer sentiment and boost customer satisfaction.

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Uncover valuable insights from unstructured data and transform your business