Databricks Migration and Data Analytics Consulting Partner

Databricks + Wavicle: Unlock the power of your data

As Databricks partners, Wavicle’s data management and data analytics consulting teams use Databricks Lakehouse Platform to help our clients solve critical business challenges.


With cutting-edge experience in creating and deploying AI, machine learning, and custom analytics processes using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, Wavicle’s consultants deliver superior outcomes for our clients. Through a tight partnership with Databricks, our own suite of data migration and integration accelerators, and a strong team of Databricks-certified professionals, Wavicle enables businesses to gain deeper insights, wider adoption, and improved results.

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Maximizing value from your Databricks investment

Maximizing value from your Databricks investment

How does Wavicle maximize value? With accelerated migrations, increased adoption, and a clear understanding of what’s possible with Databricks and how those possibilities can boost your business. Wavicle’s highly skilled Databricks team and suite of proprietary accelerators can help you drive higher ROI from your Databricks investment.

Fueling next-level analytics

Implementing a new cloud data platform is more than migrating workflows and developing reports. Wavicle helps organizations use Databricks to address their most pressing business challenges by operationalizing machine learning use cases, generating new insights with data science and predictive analytics, and more.

Fueling next-level analytics

A partner from operationalization to optimization

 As a simple, open, multi-cloud platform, Databricks helps businesses unlock the full potential of their data. As a consultative partner with extensive Databricks experience, Wavicle is here to help you unlock the full potential of your Databricks Lakehouse platform.

Migrate and Modernize

Cloud migration 

Ensure a smooth cloud migration with data infrastructure designed and built to meet your specific business requirements.


Lakehouse implementation

Combine the benefits of data warehousing and data lakes with a unified platform for data warehousing and AI use cases.

data science and advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Access insights, deploy machine learning models, and leverage predictive analytics to solve any business challenge.


Feature deployment

Make the most of Delta Sharing, Delta Live Tables, Unity Catalog, and more to tap into additional value from your Databricks use.

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Databricks + Wavicle + you

Our team’s combination of technical expertise and industry experience is one of the many reasons businesses choose to work with Wavicle. With an in-house Databricks Center of Excellence and nearly 100 Databricks-certified consultants, we have the experience and best practices to ensure you reach your goals with Databricks.

Let’s get started

Whether you’re evaluating your cloud data platform options or looking to turn your Databricks Lakehouse into an advanced analytics and AI powerhouse, Wavicle can help. Reach out today to speak with an expert and learn what’s possible.

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