Databricks + Wavicle

Wavicle Data Solutions partners with Databricks because their toolset leads its field for robustness, feature-richness, scalability, and manageability. This is precisely why Wavicle’s cloud engineering and data science endeavors rely on Databricks technology to deliver enhanced cloud data integration, machine learning, and analytics solutions to your organization. 

Databricks’ stated mission—to accelerate innovation for its customers by unifying data science, data engineering, and customer business goals—is a key motivating factor in our work serving a growing Wavicle customer base in the Chicago region. As Databricks partners, our data integration, data science, and analytics consulting teams use Databricks to help our clients achieve faster time-to-value, with cutting-edge experience in creating and deploying AI, machine learning and custom analytics processes under Databricks’ Unified Data Analytics Platform. Our customers realize ongoing, compounding benefits over time that include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Analytic workflows that rapidly go from ETL and interactive exploration to production  
  • New strategic and more collaborative opportunities to employ data engineering to build data products that offer more accurate, predictive business insights between overlapping lines of business 
  • A more manageable, scalable, and secure enterprise-wide cloud infrastructure that reduces operational complexity and total cost of ownership through AI, machine learning, and automated processes

Databricks data integration and analytics tools are, by and large, cloud- and technology-agnostic, allowing Wavicle’s multi-disciplinary teams to develop analytics, AI, ML, and data visualization modules for your business users regardless of whether your cloud environment runs under Microsoft Azure or AWS. Databricks’ overall flexibility also offers Wavicle professionals and our clients an abundance of choice in compatible technologies (Apache Spark, Delta Lake, TensorFlow, MLFlow, and R, among others), boosting Wavicle’s capability to execute your data management program with the most appropriate, advanced tools available.

Databricks Partner