Skyrocketing food deliveries are creating operational challenges – and opportunities – for QSRs, large restaurant groups, and grocers. ActiveDeliver™ serves up unmatched intelligence on food delivery performance, whether handled by third-party partners or managed in-house.


Ensure a positive food delivery experience

Without insight into food delivery performance, restaurants and grocers face risks such as staffing shortages, late deliveries, and poor customer reviews that could impact revenue and consumer brand loyalty.


ActiveDeliver™’s dashboard intelligence combines existing corporate information, such as POS data, with third-party food delivery data to track, measure, and visualize key metrics.

Accelerate ROI with the right KPIs

ActiveDeliver™ empowers large restaurant groups, QSRs, and grocery stores to visualize critical food delivery performance metrics including:


  • Length of time from when order is received to customer delivery
  • Incremental revenue, if any, generated by food delivery
  • Whether incremental revenue generates new customers that ultimately purchase via other channels, such as curbside pick-up, in-restaurant and drive-thru
  • Whether specific menu items drive lower customer satisfaction or longer delivery times via third-party food delivery



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