Augment’s Data Quality Module

With Augment, you can analyze information on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to identify data quality patterns and analyze the impact data quality has on your business models in the short and long term. Augment continuously monitors your data quality and refreshes your dashboards for you.

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Benefits of Augment’s data quality module

With Augment’s data quality module, it only takes three simple steps to set up and monitor data quality information: set-up source data connections, create a process, and visualize data quality information.

Multiple data quality checks

Run over 20 pre-built data quality checks covering multiple attribute charters, including string, alpha-numeric, numeric or date.

Automated data monitoring

Simply set up an automated schedule process and Augment will run the data quality validations for you. No coding needed.

Flexible design

Generate data quality measure on any data from cloud and on-premises sources for all use cases and for all workloads across the enterprise.

API-based micro-service architecture

Leverage API-based connections between Source and Augment’s data quality module for faster data analysis and flexible deployment.

Complex validations without the complexity

Set up complex data quality validations only once using custom SQL features that allow you to monitor validations without manual calculations.

Custom filters for targeted data analysis

Use custom filters to constrain data checks to a subset of your data.

Sharable pre-built dashboard

Export and share data quality information to ensure your organization has one single source of truth for data quality.

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