Cloud Optimization Strategy

When migrating to the cloud, many companies do not implement a strategy that allows them to automatically scale to meet increasing business demand without significant re-work.

Wavicle’s expert cloud strategy consultants can help you evaluate your current cloud data architecture and provide recommendations to scale cost-effectively, improve data management, strengthen security, and drive more value.

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Cloud data architecture health check

If you have adopted a robust cloud data architecture, but need advice on how to develop a cloud optimization strategy that aligns your technology investments with your business goals, Wavicle can help.


We can partner with your directors of engineering and cloud infrastructure to help you understand:

  1. Did we deploy our cloud data architecture properly?
  2. Can our cloud architecture scale to meet demand?
  3. Is our data architecture cost-efficient?
  4. Does our cloud data architecture meet security standards
  5. Is our cloud architecture optimized to work best with our full tech stack?

What is included in a cloud data architecture health check?

Wavicle will assign a solution architect, cloud architect, and data engineer to meet with your team. This information will be used to identify any design, configuration, and management issues that you may want to implement as a part of your cloud optimization strategy.

The health check includes:

  • Interviews with key technology leaders and business stakeholders


  • An analysis of current cloud architecture diagrams


  • A presentation of key findings and recommendations


  • A written assessment


  • A follow-up meeting to review the health check and explore any potential future steps



Cloud optimization checklist

Determine if your cloud architecture aligns with best practices to optimize scalability, manageability, and security. We built a Cloud Optimization Checklist to help you kickstart your evaluation.

Download Checklist

Start getting the most value from your cloud infrastructure investment.

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