Migrate to AWS Glue in 80-90% less time

Wavicle’s Glue Converter powered by BladeBridge reduces ETL migration timelines and costs in just two steps.


Analyze: We identify the number of mappings and the complexity of the jobs that need to be converted. Next, we estimate the time and cost to convert the ETL jobs.


Convert: We convert each corresponding mapping into a PySpark script. Once the conversion is done, the script will be made available within the AWS Glue Console.


Wavicle’s Glue Converter automates your migration to AWS Glue so you can:


  • Cut licensing fees
  • Speed up data integration
  • Eliminate costly infrastructure

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AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner

Wavicle has been recognized as an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner due to our AWS expertise and extensive client work.

AWS Advanced Tier Service Partner