Data Integration and AWS Glue Migration Services

Delivering the power of serverless data integration

Wavicle simplifies and accelerates the shift to serverless extract, transform, and load (ETL) solutions, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) Glue.


As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner with AWS Glue delivery designation, we help you build data integration solutions that leverage the power of the cloud to increase scalability, reduce maintenance costs and requirements, and automate time-consuming and expensive tasks. Want faster value from your data? We can help.

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Reducing ETL latency and improving self-service capabilities are top modernization priorities for 30% of organizations surveyed by TDWI.

AWS Glue Converter:
Accelerate your migration to AWS Glue by 80 – 90%

Wavicle’s AWS Glue Converter automates and accelerates your migration to AWS Glue using a simple two-step process that first analyzes ETL jobs and then converts them. You get fast estimates about the cost and complexity of your jobs to help you make migration decisions and prioritize efforts.


With our AWS Glue Converter, you can reduce analysis and conversion hours for a migration to AWS Glue by 80% to 90%, significantly reducing your costs and improving efficiency.

AWS Cloud Assessment

Make informed choices for the migration plan


Accelerate your migration by up to 90%


Reduce migration costs by 80% to 90%

Two-step AWS Glue conversion process

See how our AWS Glue Converter estimates the complexity and cost of your migration, then converts ETL jobs and loads them into the AWS Glue Console.

Case Study

Travel center operator accelerates access to data and insights with AWS Glue

A nationwide operator of truck stops and travel centers needed faster information about store-level inventory to ensure it could meet the needs of its customers.


Wavicle helped them migrate from an on-premises data warehouse to an AWS solution including Amazon Redshift and AWS Glue. The new solution cut batch reporting time from 8 hours to 20 minutes and delivers near real-time insights that allow store managers to identify trends and anomalies quickly.

Modernize your data integration with AWS Glue

AWS Glue is a serverless data integration service that provides all the capabilities needed for data integration so customers can start analyzing their data and putting it to use in minutes instead of months. AWS Glue makes it easier to discover, prepare, move, and integrate data from multiple sources for analytics, machine learning (ML), and application development.



ETL jobs get their own dedicated clusters and can add speed by running in parallel.

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As a serverless solution, there is no infrastructure to provision or manage, resulting in lower total cost of ownership.



No-code ETL means you can deliver prepared data for users faster without complex development efforts.



Wavicle achieves the AWS Service Delivery Designation for AWS Glue


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Cut time and cost of your migration to AWS Glue


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