Financial Data Analytics

Wavicle’s financial services industry data and analytics consulting services help institutions get fast, quality data to optimize customer relationships, comply with industry regulations, and detect and prevent fraud.


Don’t let legacy systems and siloed data hold you back. Our financial data services help you modernize your data architecture to leverage your vast data assets to create a single, trusted view of your business across customers, regions, and products. We help you untangle the intricacies of big data in financial services so you can find what you need. We work with customers across commercial banking, capital markets, private equity, and insurance segments, providing claims analytics and other capabilities.

The state of data, analytics, and digital operations in financial services 

Wavicle’s consultants are experts in helping their financial services customers collect, access, analyze, and optimize their data, but we wanted to better understand the current state of data and digital operations in the industry.


In Q3 2022, we commissioned a survey of 320 financial services and insurance executives to find out more about their data and analytics capabilities, their plans for digital transformation, and the value they expect to realize from these changes. See some of the surprising insights and trends we uncovered.

Financial Services Executive Survey
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Reduce the complexity (and cost) of compliance

With Wavicle, you will modernize your data environments to integrate trusted customer and risk data into modern infrastructures such as data warehouses and data lakes for financial services.


We’ll help you build rigorous data governance and data quality functions needed to ensure you have verifiable data that is accurate, complete, and ready for financial compliance reporting, whether it’s Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS 239), stress testing, GDPR, CCPA, or other compliance mandates.


We combine financial services consulting expertise with data ingestion and data quality accelerator technologies that dramatically reduce the time, resources, and cost of financial regulatory compliance.

Digital transformation: engage with customers on their terms

To earn your customers’ loyalty, you need to offer quality, personalized engagement across all touchpoints and channels.


We’ll provide the insight and expertise to help you leverage complex financial information and omnichannel customer interactions from legacy technologies and modern applications so you can deliver the personalization, transparency, and security customers expect today.


Wavicle’s financial data analytics consultants will integrate customer data from all sources to give you a complete, contextual view of your customers, which can drive targeted, relevant interactions, from marketing to customer service.

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Stay ahead of complex fraud schemes

Money laundering. Wire fraud. ATM fraud. Identity theft. With fraud schemes of all types on the rise, are your fraud detection and response processes able to keep up?


Work with Wavicle to modernize your data architectures so you can capture massive volumes of data across customer touchpoints and transactions. Our data science consultants have expertise with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that can quickly analyze trends and patterns in your data, which indicate suspicious activity.


The key to fighting fraud is speed – we’ll give you fast access to the data and insights you need to stay ahead of complex fraud schemes.

Modernize. Monetize. Maximize.

The financial services industry is quickly evolving. A modernized data management environment provides the scalability, speed, and agility to create new solutions and products that meet changing customer demands and empower you to compete with nimble startups.


From strategy through execution, we help financial institutions make the complex organizational shift from legacy infrastructure to digital transformation. We offer expertise in cloud data migration, data governance, integration, underwriting analytics, and data science. We’ll help you move past today’s legacy roadblocks to transform your data for today and the future.

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