Hyperlocal Competitive Intelligence

Each restaurant location or franchise is unique, with variations in customer needs, popular menu items, peak hours, local competitors, and more. Consequently, competitive intelligence initiatives need to be tailored to the specific characteristics of each location. Wavicle’s hyperlocal competitive intelligence (HLCI) solution aids in identifying challenges and opportunities at the restaurant level, allowing owners, managers, and leaders to make well-informed decisions based on their distinct circumstances.

Reshaping competitive intelligence with hyperlocal insights

Customize guest experience


Tap into location-specific reviews to build a guest experience unique to the needs, wants, and preferences of guests by location.

Predict performance accurately


Embrace holistic, hyperlocal performance measurement to unlock the ability to predict opportunities, risks, and sales.

Optimize operations and save


Turn foot traffic, sales, and other data into location-specific opportunities to optimize staffing, hours of operation, and more.

Outperform local competition


When it comes to competition, location matters. Don’t just stay ahead of the competition, stay ahead of YOUR competition.

Eliminate the guesswork


Wavicle’s restaurant performance solutions automate 95% of the effort with AI/ML to determine your top competitors by location.


Revolutionizing your customer experience measurement with AI and hyperlocal competitive intelligence

Jola Oliver, CX Leader at McDonald’s Corporation, shares her insights on the future of customer experience measurement and the latest innovations in customer experience measurement, including how companies use AI to gain deeper customer insights, the importance of gathering hyperlocal data to evaluate competition, and how businesses leverage new tools and technologies to improve the customer experience.

Customer Experience & Competitive Advanced Analytics Strategies

Transforming insights into impact

HLCI helps restaurant chains identify challenges and opportunities at the restaurant level, resulting in better decision-making, cost-savings, and even new revenue opportunities.



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