Augment Frequently Asked Questions

Data integration

What ingestion types does Augment have?

Augment is capable of building pipelines for Full Refresh, Incremental, SDC type 1&2, and CDC.

How many sources can Augment connect to?

Augment takes a unique approach to how it builds out its connections. We leverage the most popular databases so users can connect to virtually any service available. During the initial set-up, we can build out API connections as well.

Which data warehouses do you support?

Augment supports MySQL, Azure SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Aurora, Postgres, Snowflake, Oracle, and other widely used services.

How does Augment compare to other ETL or cloud-based ingestion tools?

Augment was built from the ground up to be extremely easy to use. Thanks to its simple user interface, virtually anyone can build complex pipelines within minutes.

Augment is also one of the only tools that offers truly advanced scheduling. Users can build a conditional schedule to meet their specific needs.

Finally, Augment offers near real-time loading in 1-minute intervals.

Data quality

Does data quality include transformations?

No, advanced transformation functionality will be included in an upcoming release.

What are the 20 data quality checks that Augment performs?

Like, Unique, Regex Match, In Range, Date Format Match, Null, Not Null, Regex Mismatch, Like Mismatch, Like Mismatch, Date Format Mismatch, Outside Range, Not Unique, and Custom Requirements that are written in SQL.

Can I build custom data quality checks?

Yes, Augment includes a custom requirements option to enable users to build their own checks.

How do I use the custom requirement check?

The custom requirements option is based on logic and is expressed in SQL (Does A+B=C).

Data privacy

What does your data privacy tool do?

Augment’s data privacy tools allow users to automate the discovery, encryption, and masking of their data.

How does Augment keep my company compliant?

We leverage machine learning and natural language processing to find sensitive data that could otherwise be missed by humans. Given the importance of data privacy, we will continuously monitor new regulations to ensure Augment meets all compliance requirements.

How is data encrypted?

We leverage AES and SHA-256.


Is my data secure?

Yes, Augment works as more of an orchestration tool and does not store any of our clients’ data.

How does Augment automate advanced scheduling?

Augment automates scheduling by giving users the option to build conditional triggers into their workflow.

How often can Augment run jobs?

Augment offers near real-time loading times that can be scheduled to run every minute.

What are the system requirements?

Augment is a web-based application that can run in virtually any environment.

What tools does Augment natively integrate with?

Augment can natively integrate with any existing data management tool that is hosted on one of our supported databases.

Getting started

How much does Augment cost?

Augment is very affordable. For more information, please contact one of our representatives to further discuss pricing.

What is the typical implementation time?

Augment implementation can be completed within a matter of minutes or hours depending on the client’s needs.

How do I contact support?

Current Augment customers can find the support button on the left-hand toolbar.