Restaurants, retailers and other enterprises collect customer feedback from numerous data sources including satisfaction surveys, social listening, and online reviews.

ActiveInsights™ is an AI-driven advanced text analytics and sentiment analysis solution that visualizes large volumes of integrated customer feedback data, uncovering key details often missed.

Dig deeper with superior text analytics

When complex comments are processed as a whole, the results are less accurate than when parsed into sub-comments that contain unique sentiments and tones.

ActiveInsight’s™ natural language processing (NLP) capabilities take raw data from virtually any source and parses complex comments into sub-comments to capture key information typically missed. It then assigns sentiments matched to categories and themes that matter to your business. Customer feedback intelligence is served – just as you need it.

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A single view for all of your customer feedback

When customer feedback data is analyzed separately by different solutions, the outputs are siloed and disparate.

ActiveInsights™ integrates customer feedback data across channels, functions and geographies into a powerful cloud-based data warehouse and displays it in a clear dashboard.

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Fewer clicks, better outcomes

Scan overall trends or dive into details in just a few clicks. Our easy-to-navigate visual dashboard empowers food industry marketers, leaders, and operators to turn high volumes of data into meaningful information that drives bottom-line results.

ActiveInsights™ improves the speed, completeness, and accuracy of customer feedback analysis up to 10x faster and 70% more accurately*, enabling insights teams to identify customer feedback trends in near real-time.

* Results are based on a specific client’s usage and may vary.

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World’s Largest QSR Improves Customer Satisfaction with Superior Text Analytics

A leading global food retailer wanted to more quickly and accurately interpret customer experience data for improved decision-making in select markets across three countries. Wavicle provided a more robust and flexible text analytics solution that processes approximately 95,000 user comments daily, uncovering detailed sentiment and context at scale.

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