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Leverage the Power of Generative AI with EZGenAI

Using gen AI to automate tasks and personalize customer experiences can be challenging. It isn’t easy to find the right use cases and implement effective models. Wavicle’s EZGenAI solution accelerates the implementation of gen AI, enabling swift transition from ideation to value. It expedites the development of applications powered by large language models (LLMs), delivering advanced AI capabilities that revolutionize operations and enhance customer experiences.


Whether you need intelligent assistants to answer questions, want to enable self-service analytics, or are looking to analyze customer feedback at scale, EZGenAI accelerates the rollout of gen AI while safeguarding your business data. Get in touch with our team for a smooth gen AI implementation.

A reliable, secure, and simple gen AI solution

Quickly kickstart gen AI capabilities for rapid innovation and faster time-to-value

Explore different LLMs and open-source options and change models as needed

Safeguard your company’s data while maximizing the potential of gen AI

Enhance productivity by efficiently distributing knowledge and optimizing processes

Fast-track your gen AI goals with EZGenAI

While every industry can benefit from gen AI, the underlying risks of publicly available tools are often too significant to ignore. With EZGenAI, Wavicle offers gen AI solutions that ensure greater data security and the flexibility to avoid vendor lock-in.


By empowering businesses to harness the full potential of gen AI with reduced start-up times and labor needs, EZGenAI drives transformational changes that optimize operations, enhances customer experiences, and unlocks new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Fast-track your gen AI goals

EZGenAI applications that drive better business outcomes

Train and launch conversational AI chatbots customized to fit your exact requirements

Tap into the power of retrieval augmented generation (RAG) for querying internal data

Enable self-service analytics through natural language queries to data warehouses and lakes

Analyze unstructured data from sources like Google Reviews to better understand customer needs

Discover how EZGenAI streamlines gen AI integrations to deliver results faster

Data, analytics, and AI acceleration toolkit

Supercharge your transformation with Wavicle's data, analytics, and AI pre-built foundations, frameworks, and innovative technology solutions.

Streamline BI migration with Wavicle’s EZConvertBI

Wavicle’s innovative toolkit for optimized and accelerated BI migration.


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Boost data reliability with EZCapture

Wavicle's streamlined, versatile tool for efficient, error-free data validation.


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Expedite data modernization with EZConvertETL

Wavicle’s solution for efficient, cost-effective migration from legacy tools.


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Maximize data ingestion with EZIngest

Wavicle's metadata-driven solution for efficiency, quality, and cost savings.


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Bid farewell to slow and outdated UI development with EZInterface

Wavicle's UI implementation accelerator.


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Enhance decision making with EZQuality

Wavicle's ML-driven tool for flawless data quality and trusted insights.


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Simplify data protection and achieve compliance with EZSecure

Wavicle’s robust privacy tool.


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