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Our team brings unmatched technical expertise, business knowledge, and superior customer skills to help you optimize your cloud-based data architecture, manage your data, and effectively analyze it.

Improve your data & analytics

Commercial data & analytics solutions

Customer Behavior

Data management

Utilize Wavicle’s data management solutions to ingest, integrate and analyze growing volumes of data.

Customer Analytics

Data visualization

We craft a business-focused vision for dashboards and reports, and deliver the vision with speed and flexibility.

Personalized Targeting

Data science and analytics

Our data scientists help industry leaders build, train and operationalize machine learning and AI models to drive better business outcomes.

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Scalable, cost-effective solutions and support

Our 250+ consultants, data architects, cloud engineers and developers build cost-effective, right-fit solutions that leverage our team’s deep knowledge of current and cutting-edge data and analytics technology and frameworks.

Our local, near-shore, and off-shore teams provide round-the-clock project support to ramp up and deploy business solutions much faster and at a fraction of the cost.

Technology solutions for every challenge

What our customers have to say:

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“Wavicle Data Solutions has been one of our most trusted partners in our cloud migration journey. They provided us with a wide variety of data engineering and AWS platform expertise, while offering significant flexibility in being able to quickly scale up our teams as the project ramped up.”

Luna Rajbhandari
Vice President, Data Management and Platforms

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