Customer 360 Dashboard

Wavicle helps you build or enhance Customer 360 solutions, providing insights that enable you to create more personalized interactions with your customers, increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and improve retention and loyalty through better customer experiences.


  • Increase sales
    Generate highly targeted, personalized offers to more effectively influence buying decisions on your Customer 360 platform
  • Improve customer loyalty
    Encourage repeat business when you understand and respond to customer sentiment and preferences
  • Reduce costs
    Focus on high-value customer segments instead of expensive, one-size-fits-all campaign tactics with our Customer 360 service


Know what your customers need and give it to them

Sounds easy, but we all know it’s not. From financial services to retail and healthcare to manufacturing, we develop Customer 360 dashboard solutions to consolidate all of the customer data captured through various touchpoints– including in-store purchases, phone calls, social media, mobile apps, and online interactions – and merge it into one unified record.


With Wavicle’s rapid delivery data and analytics capabilities, you get a complete, accurate, and holistic view of your customers so you can better leverage their past, present, and future engagements with your brand.


  • Get a complete, trusted view of your customers
    We build master data management solutions and data governance processes that leverage machine learning to give you a single, accurate, and complete record for each customer. Our solutions collect data and metadata from your varied source systems, then use business logic and machine learning to match and merge data from all customer touchpoints to create a clean, “golden record” Customer 360 data model.
  • Improve campaign performance through micro-segmentation
    Improve customer targeting and offer personalization with micro-segmentation, a finer-grain method of traditional segmentation that creates hundreds, even thousands, of customer groupings based on demographic, behavioral, product, and lifestyle data.
  • Understand the real meaning behind customer sentiment
    Our text analytics and sentiment analysis solutions rapidly process unstructured text and natural language data from real-time social listening, customer satisfaction surveys, and other sources to uncover the context and meaning of customer feedback at scale.
  • Protect customer privacy in compliance with mandates
    Comply with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA quickly and easily. We’ve developed a configurable, metadata-driven Data Privacy Framework that automates updates to customer privacy requests across all of your current and future systems, including your Customer 360 software. You’ll eliminate the need to manually code privacy information in every existing and new table and file that contain customer information.

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