Modern Data Analytics for Manufacturing

Wavicle combines expertise in cloud-based solutions and big-data architectures with next-generation analytics, data science, and AI concepts to help manufacturers modernize their operations and harness the possibilities of digital manufacturing.


Our leading cloud data and analytics consultants combine manufacturing industry expertise with deep technical knowledge and proprietary accelerators to maximize the value of manufacturers’ data. By integrating, normalizing, and analyzing data from the diverse range of sources manufacturers deal with – from their machines on the factory floor to QA processes to the supply chain and beyond – Wavicle enables manufacturers to tap into the insights they need to thrive, grow, and innovate.

Cutting-edge solutions tailored for manufacturers

Cutting-edge solutions tailored for manufacturing

As a specialized data and analytics consulting firm with deep industry and technology expertise, Wavicle delivers custom, cutting-edge solutions for manufacturers. Our experience managing, moving, and manipulating data with a combination of edge computing and enterprise analytics allows us to deliver fast, cost-effective, high-quality services and results.

A faster path to rapid insights 

Production and supply chain ecosystems are constantly evolving, making real-time data and analytics critical for informed decision-making. With proprietary accelerators and frameworks to expedite data and analytics initiatives and nearshore and offshore resources for flexible pricing and delivery, Wavicle’s team can provide the insights you need, when you need them. 

A faster path to rapid manufacturing insights
Data solutions that maximize near-shore manufacturing profitability

Data solutions that maximize nearshore manufacturing profitability

With efficient and effective IMMEX data and reporting solutions, manufacturers can reduce their tax burden by billions and increase profitability. Wavicle’s team has experience building and automating IMMEX data management solutions that maximize savings, minimize compliance costs, and eliminate manual tracking.

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Wavicle helps manufacturers harness the power of Industry 4.0 by modernizing their data and analytics infrastructure and processes to enable next-generation analytics. 


Data management 

Visibility into your manufacturing process and supply chain starts with cleaning, moving, and integrating your data. 

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Cloud engineering

Rapid, scalable data storage and analytics solutions rely on a cloud data strategy tailored to your organization’s needs.


Data visualization

The key to data-driven decision-making is the ability to access, trust, and understand your company’s data and analytics.

data science and advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Accelerate growth, profitability, and time-to-market with data science, predictive analytics, AI, and more.

The transparency your business needs

The transparency your business needs 

Whether you’re prioritizing company growth, looking to increase profitability, or focused on other critical metrics, having rapid access to accurate manufacturing and business data is critical. Wavicle’s experienced consultants deliver the solutions you need for full transparency into manufacturing operations, customer behavior, supply and demand forecasting, and more.

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Wavicle’s data and analytics consultants help manufacturers access and analyze their data from product development, production, logistics, and customer service to optimize operations, improve products, and better serve customers. 

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