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Our team brings unmatched business knowledge, technical expertise, and superior customer skills to help you build the right cloud-based data architecture to manage all of your customer data and effectively analyze it.

Understand your customer with more robust data and analytics


Customer analytics

Customer Behavior

Enhance the customer experience

Utilize AI/ML to act on customer feedback and to improve operations.

Customer Analytics

Improve marketing efficiency

Identify which audience segments and tactics are most profitable to optimize spend.

Personalized Targeting

Increase customer loyalty

Increase sales and repeat purchases with targeted, relevant offers and messages.


Why us?

The world’s leading quick-service restaurant chain wanted a better, faster way to analyze and react to customer feedback.

Wavicle Data Solutions helped them integrate data from multiple sources, analyze it using natural language processing (NLP), and upload the findings into an intuitive dashboard.

The results: Insights that are 70x more accurate and 10% faster, enabling the consumer insights team to act quickly to improve customer satisfaction.

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What our customers have to say:

My personal nirvana is that this insight that’s gathered at the restaurant is socialized and it is acted on, making that customer experience even better than it is today. We’re getting closer. Wavicle has been a great partner in getting us there.

Malia Katz
Director of Customer Experience and Global Insights at McDonald’s Corporation

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