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Wavicle understands the pressing need to replace legacy workflows with ETL solutions, a daunting operation that lands disparate data within the data lake of your choice, creating a single source of truth. That’s why we often recommend dbt—short for “data build tool”—to help data analysts disseminate organizational knowledge in a visually digestible format, all without depending on software engineers.


Since 2016, dbt has built a reputation for giving data teams the ability to do more with less, granting them the power of software engineering practices that typically develop over decades. Anyone who can write SQL SELECT statements can tap into this exciting platform to build models, write tests, and schedule jobs to produce reliable, actionable datasets for analytics and build production-grade data pipelines.


Benefits of dbt

In addition to the ease of working with SQL queries, dbt offers:

  • Easy transformation of data that is already present in your warehouse
  • An orchestration layer on top of your data warehouse to improve and accelerate your data transformation and integration process
  • Native understanding of dependencies between all models, which enables running of models in dependency order, parallelizing model builds, and running arbitrary subgraphs defined in its model selection syntax
  • Simple integration with existing systems such as Databricks, Snowflake, and Airflow


How Wavicle can help

Throughout the process, Wavicle lends a helping hand by offering a complete array of consulting services:

  • Preparation of customized data strategy and assessment plans
  • Assistance with optimization of current data models
  • Scan of current data ecosystem to gauge environment, performance, and scalability
  • Guidance on building data architecture that generates solid analytics, business intelligence, data science, and reporting
  • Configuration of projects that work seamlessly with dbt Cloud and dbt CLI
  • Training to turn your team into self-reliant analytics architects who can build dependable dbt data models



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