GDPR and CCPA Compliance Services

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) directly impact how your enterprise secures and protects your data. With data privacy and security coming under mounting worldwide threats, compliance is not optional.  However, emerging privacy regulations are broad, and the path to compliance at the physical level can be hard to define and achieve. As a result, comprehensive CCPA and GDPR compliance services coupled with regular evaluations are critical to achieving regulatory success.


What do these GDPR and CCPA regulations mean for your business?  Wavicle’s CCPA and GDPR compliance services can help your organization find out and take the important steps necessary to achieve and maintain 100% compliance. Our GDPR and CCPA compliance consultants provide the essential expertise necessary to guide your organization in defining your compliance requirements in relation to the existing state, U.S., and international laws governing data quality and compliance, data quality assurance, and data privacy and management.


Wavicle brings proprietary accelerators to help clients get the job done right in record time.  Our metadata-driven GDPR/CCPA framework automates compliance steps (e.g., encryption, decryption, deletion) on large data sets and provides a comprehensive audit trail of actions taken. Wavicle’s CCPA and GDPR compliance consulting framework:


  • Implements a plug-in component solution without new technology investments
  • Handles sensitive data residing in the cloud, on-premise, and in hybrid systems
  • Uses layers to remove obsolete and protected data
  • Maps actionable data for data transformations
  • Incorporates a privacy-by-design model
  • Delivers Agile methodology on a sprint-by-sprint basis
  • Assimilates both historical and new data


Benefits of becoming GDPR and CCPA compliant


Putting in the work to become CCPA and GDPR compliant offers key benefits, including:


  • Improved data security: Effectively adhering to GDPR and CCPA compliance rules can lead to improved data security, since consumers are required to give express permission for the collection, use, and transfer of their data, in turn creating an additional level of data security control.
  • Enhanced business reputation: Alignment with CCPA and GDPR principles assures customers that your company is meeting regulatory obligations and cares about consumer privacy, boosting your reputation.
  • Reduced regulatory risk: Better control of and visibility into data reduces the risk of that data being stored, transferred, or accessed without permission, reducing your risk of regulatory non-compliance.
  • Increased data reliability: CCPA and GDPR allow customers to access their stored data. As a result, they can notify your company of any data entry errors and help improve overall data reliability and accuracy.


As an end-to-end CCPA and GDPR compliance service provider, Wavicle is well-equipped to help your business realize these benefits.


Wavicle’s CCPA and GDPR compliance specialists eliminate the time and costs associated with purchasing additional vendor products to meet this challenge. Our CCPA and GDPR compliance consulting services ensure your organization identifies all applications containing sensitive customer data, puts analytics in place to monitor regulations, and maintains 100% compliance for the foreseeable future.

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