How to Automate Data Compliance without Increasing Your Budget

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Hans Swanson

Solutions Consultant Wavicle Data Solutions

Casey Lauert

Senior Solution Engineer ThoughtSpot

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Although there were nearly 4,000 data breaches in the U.S. in 2020, many companies still do not have an efficient way to manage and secure all of their PII data.

Learn how to use Augment’s ML and NLP capabilities to:

Reduce Time

Significantly cut the time spent finding and managing
PII data

machine learning

Reduce human errors by using ML and NLP

Reduced Costs

Safeguard your company from unexpected spend

Privacy Data

Monitor the security of privacy data in near real-time

You’ll see firsthand how a company using ThoughtSpot can take advantage of Augment’s ML and NLP technology to drastically reduce the time and effort spent discovering and managing PII data.

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