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Merchants Fleet selected Wavicle as a forward-looking partner to help them build future-proof data architecture, reporting, and data models to support their rapidly growing business analytics needs.
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Modern data architecture and reporting

Merchants Fleet Fuels Growth With Modern Data Architecture and Reporting

Merchants Fleet, North America’s fastest-growing fleet management company, provides customized fleet management, fleet leasing, and mobility solutions to organizations across the United States. They recognized the value of a data- and analytics-focused partner with end-to-end expertise and sought a consulting partner to improve the quality of their data and analytics initiatives. Merchants Fleet selected Wavicle as a forward-looking partner to help them build future-proof data architecture, reporting, and data models to support their business.


A growing organization with the need to modernize and scale 

In recent years, Merchants Fleet has experienced massive growth. They needed to rapidly scale operations to keep up with high demand, overcome supply chain challenges that have impacted their ability to bring in new vehicles, and find new ways to leverage their data to maintain their competitive edge in the fleet management industry. Simultaneously, they needed to demonstrate their strong financial standing to investors and internal finance teams, which must be done in compliance with strict regulatory standards.


Merchants Fleet engaged with Wavicle to modernize their data infrastructure and reporting capabilities. Throughout this process, the Merchants Fleet team has had several key priorities:


  • To ensure reliable, secure reporting for investors and internal finance teams that is compliant with financial regulations 
  • To streamline data infrastructure with standardized pipelines and reporting for smoother operations and faster insights 
  • To achieve their data goals in a cost-effective way by leveraging Wavicle’s flexible onshore and offshore consulting model 


Modernized data infrastructure and reporting

Wavicle’s data and analytics consultants have executed the hands-on work to build and maintain Merchants Fleet’s analytics and reporting layer as they migrate to the latest version of Odessa’s lease management system. Because the migration has impacted all of Merchants Fleet’s data pipelines, Wavicle’s team has focused heavily on building pipeline data architecture into Snowflake. This also includes migrating all of their SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reporting landscape to Power BI to provide more flexibility and scalability in the reporting processes.


Wavicle’s consultants also executed several additional projects to track and report on all aspects of Merchants Fleet’s last-mile rental business, accurately track vehicle availability, and provide greater insight into financial data by building reports for profit KPIs, sales commissions, and toll violation billing. These reports have given Merchants Fleet’s leadership greater insight into the business, allowing them to stay ahead of challenges and continue to grow their business in a responsible manner.


One added bonus of Merchants Fleet’s new, deeper reporting capabilities is the opportunity to develop and sell new telematics products to their customers, generating additional revenue for the business. Wavicle’s consultants have built new data models and reports for Merchants Fleet’s TotalConnect solution, which provides their customers with additional analytics that help them better manage their fleets and drivers. For example, Wavicle’s team created driver behavior analytics dashboards that allow fleet managers to monitor telematics data for their drivers. These dashboards enable them to track driver behaviors – including seatbelt use, speeding, harsh breaking, and taking severe corners – and offer incentives to top drivers. With tools like this, Merchants Fleet can provide a better service to their customers and increase their revenue streams.


A modern data environment that facilitates continued growth  

With Wavicle as a partner at every step along the way, Merchants Fleet is in a better position to meet their data and analytics goals, as well as their business goals. With a deep data and analytics focus, Wavicle has been the partner Merchants Fleet needed – which led to them increasing their scope with Wavicle’s team by 10x after the first year of the partnership.   


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While supporting Merchants Fleet’s modernization, Wavicle has managed the organization’s data pipelines to ensure they have secure, accurate reporting that complies with regulatory requirements. This has been critical for their investor activities and has enabled them to continue company growth and investment while undergoing a complex platform migration.  


Wavicle has also enabled the company to make more informed decisions for order management and their mobility business by arming them with comprehensive and reliable reports that include third-party data. This is a new level of visibility for Merchants Fleet, allowing them to continue to propel their business forward by identifying trends and opportunities across both demand and supply streams. With new data products in their inventory, they also have the opportunity to increase revenue and profits while providing better service to their customers.   


Through this ongoing partnership, Merchants Fleet has found the forward-looking data and analytics partnership they were initially seeking and has made significant progress towards their data analytics goals, supporting their business growth and profitability now and into the future.