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This company needed a master data management solution to generate a single source of customer, material, and vendor data.
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Data analytics services case study

Master Data Management Delivers Single View of Customer and Material Data

Multiple views of customer, material, and vendor data

A global medical equipment manufacturer had grown through years of product innovation and mergers of several established brands, each with its own system for managing business information.


With a catalog of more than 20,000 respiratory care products and 370,000 customers, the company was unable to get a single, accurate record of customers, vendors, and products across all areas of the business. The customer onboarding and ordering processes required time-consuming, manual consolidation of data from multiple ERP systems, which led to several challenges:


  • Tracking and moving a customer through the sales process
  • Reconciling definitions of product names, item numbers, and units of measure
  • Managing customer credit limits across all areas of the business
  • Measuring the revenue generated by customers


Centralized master data portal unifies ERP data

The manufacturer worked with Wavicle on a master data management solution to generate a single “golden record” of each customer, vendor, and product. We created a unified portal where all master data is created, managed, and communicated to ERP systems in all areas of the business.


The portal aligns with and automates business processes, such as customer onboarding, credit approval, and contracting. Once data is entered into the portal, it has to be approved by a series of business owners before it moves onto the next step in the process.


  • Centralization of master data: Development of a true system of record with an MDM database that serves as the “source of truth”
  • Master data governance: Development of standards for how customer, vendor, and material master data is gathered, approved, stored, and secured
  • Automation of master data activities between MDM and ERP: Development of automated workflows to support master data life-cycle management
  • UI/UX development: Design the look and functionality of the portal, including secure, role-based access
  • Data integration: Deployed AWS services along with the Talend integration tool to integrate data from the MDM solution to ERP systems
  • Data modeling: Created a standardization process and a model to host all MDM-related libraries and tables
  • Platform integration: Developed CI/CD process to integrate all components of the platform and deploy the solutions in different environments
  • Machine learning: Developed a machine learning algorithm to create confidence scores for matching and merging data to create golden records


The MDM portal is built on .NET Core with React JS and Node JS. It relies heavily on AWS native services to automate notifications and messaging, process streaming data, event-driven resource management, search and analytics, and security.


Improved confidence in the quality of data and analytics

This solution delivers operational and analytical master data, giving the client more control over the creation and maintenance of data and more confidence in the quality of its data and analytics.


From one location, the client can create a customer, update a customer, and extend customers from one sales organization to another and from one ERP system to another. Likewise, the portal can be used to create and update material records, manage consistent product hierarchy across ERPs, manage end-of-life (EOL), and manage the reserve process.


Wavicle’s master data management solution:


  • Clarifies and standardizes the sales process, providing end-to-end insight across the process
  • Accelerates the sales cycle by infusing consistent data and automating workflows through the MDM portal
  • Enables the finance department to set appropriate credit limits by automating credit checks
  • Accelerates internal reporting by providing consistent, accurate data
  • Strengthens cross-domain integration between customer and product by facilitating the movement of goods to the right ship-to addresses
  • Enables a 360-view of customers and products across ERP systems


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