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Webinar: Restore Reliability of Data Lakes with Delta Lake and Talend




Businesses expect fast access to the massive volumes of data in their data lakes for business reporting and analytics as well as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other data science-driven pursuits. But as the volume of raw, complex data grows, data lakes can become unreliable and slow.


Delta Lake and Talend restore reliability to data lakes


Databricks built Delta Lake to bring organization and consistency to data lakes so end users can quickly search, find, and trust the data they need. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the challenges with data lakes; explain how Delta Lake can restore reliability to data lakes; and explore how Talend accelerates data ingestion from a broad range of data sources to Delta Lake with comprehensive data quality and governance features.


Watch to learn


  • Why data lakes commonly devolve into repositories of unmanaged, noncurated data
  • How Delta Lake improves reliability and speed of data lakes with data cataloging and governance
  • What a modern data architecture looks like with Delta Lake and Talend for data ingestion
  • About Wavicle accelerators that help quickly introduce new data sources into Delta Lake



Ranjith Ramachandran

Big Data Lead

Anthony Lempelius

Alliances Manager

Montel Edwards

Partner Solution Architect