Demand and Supply Intelligence Solutions

Improve forecast accuracy to optimize inventory, resources, and sales

Demand forecasting is inherently messy business. You can plan diligently, but the fact is, orders frequently get canceled, demand surges unexpectedly, and production problems arise. Any number of scenarios can lead to a busted forecast. Wavicle’s demand and supply intelligence solutions account for forecasting uncertainties so you can improve the effectiveness of your decisions to better manage fulfillment and eliminate stock-outs, all with reduced working capital requirements.

“There are ways to increase the accuracy of forecasts so that they are of greater value to the business.”

— Patrick McDonald, Wavicle Data Solutions

Achieve a more accurate forecast to make smarter investment decisions

We combine an analysis of historical forecasts with the use of a champion-challenger model to arrive at a more accurate forecast that considers demand volatility. This model compares past performance against multiple potential future scenarios and chooses the optimal scenario as the champion. Insights from this process inform smarter investment decisions, leading to fewer missed sales opportunities.

Improve accuracy

Improve forecast accuracy with champion-challenger forecasting system​

Optimize inventory

Optimize inventory and resources to minimize overstock and out-of-stock scenarios​

Accelerate adoption

Accelerate adoption of new forecasting models by enterprise stakeholders​

Getting started

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In a short 4- to 6-week assessment, we assess your historical demand data and forecasts and provide a detailed report on inaccuracies. We then provide a challenger forecast with improved accuracy. The assessment includes a “value of information” model to explain how forecast accuracy relates to financial performance (typically through understanding stock-outs vs. overstocks).


We give you a roadmap to operationalize the solutions, including a detailed and measurable business case with clear metrics and a defined methodology for measuring results. We implement a challenger-champion forecasting system to improve forecast accuracy and help accelerate adoption by manufacturing and purchasing organizations to meet service levels without excess inventory. ​

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On an ongoing basis, we’ll track and assess the performance of your forecast and support sales and operations planning. ​


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Ready for a predictable forecast?

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