Getting to Know the Tableau-to-Amazon QuickSight Converter

Author: Anantha Choppalli

Data visualization is a crucial component of today’s data-driven business environment. But with the myriad of tools available, finding the perfect fit for your needs can be a challenge. Many businesses are now transitioning from Tableau to Amazon QuickSight for a range of reasons, including cost-effectiveness, native AWS integration, and user-friendliness. If you’re considering making this move, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’ll get to know Wavicle’s innovative Tableau-to-Amazon QuickSight converter tool, designed to make your transition seamless, efficient, and secure.


  1. What is the Tableau-to-Amazon QuickSight converter tool?

Wavicle’s Tableau-to-Amazon QuickSight converter tool is designed to help businesses accelerate the transition from using Tableau for their data visualization needs to using Amazon QuickSight. The tool ensures a smooth and speedy transfer of all your data visualizations, dashboards, and reports from Tableau to QuickSight.


  1. Why should we move from Tableau to QuickSight?

For most of our clients, the decision to move from Tableau to Amazon Quick Sight comes down to cost-effectiveness and native integration to AWS, which can be beneficial for businesses already using AWS services. It’s also user-friendly and easy to navigate, making user adoption a breeze.


  1. How does the converter tool reduce the time and cost of migration?

Our converter tool is specifically designed to automate many of the manual processes involved in data migration. This reduces the amount of time spent on the migration process, thereby reducing labor costs.


  1. Will my data be secure during the conversion process?

Absolutely. We prioritize data security and have implemented stringent measures to ensure your data remains secure throughout the conversion process. We adhere strictly to industry best practices for data security.


  1. How long does the conversion process take?

The duration of the conversion process can vary depending on the volume of data and complexity of your dashboards and reports. However, our tool is designed to expedite this process by up to 90% compared to manual migration.


  1. Can the tool convert all Tableau features to QuickSight equivalents?

While the tool is designed to convert most Tableau features to their QuickSight equivalents, some specific components or customizations may not be converted due to differences in the platforms. In such cases, our BI migration team will provide alternative solutions.


  1. Will all my dashboards and reports look the same after the conversion?

While we strive to maintain the look and feel of your original dashboards and reports, there may be slight variations due to differences in the design capabilities of Tableau and QuickSight. However, our tool ensures that the integrity and functionality of your data visualizations remain intact.


  1. Can I test the converter tool before I commit to a full migration?

Yes! The Wavicle team can run the BI converter on a subset of dashboards to demonstrate the capabilities before you fully commit to it.


Ready to experience the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of QuickSight? Don’t let the migration process hold you back. Schedule a demo of our Tableau-to-Amazon QuickSight converter tool to see firsthand how it can streamline your transition, protect your data, and maintain the quality of your visualizations.