The Power of a Single Cloud Data Platform: Vyaire’s Journey to a Healthy, Data-Driven Business

Watch this webinar to learn how Chicago Enterprise CIO of the Year, Ed Rybicki, and his team at Vyaire Medical partnered with Wavicle and Talend to integrate data from a dozen ERP systems into a single AWS cloud-based insights platform, laying a foundation for exciting growth opportunities.


Enterprise data sparks business transformation

You’ll hear from Vyaire’s Global CIO, Ed Rybicki, whose effort to generate consistent, clean data from multiple ERP systems sparked business transformation in areas such as sales, customer 360, and supply chain, and gave his company a flexible platform to launch innovations.


Watch to learn how Vyaire Medical:

  • Adopted a trusted, single source of truth after integrating data from 12 disparate ERP systems into an Amazon Redshift warehouse
  • Leveraged its new analytics portal to ramp up production by 20x when demand for respirators spiked due to COVID-19
  • Achieved a single view of customers and products across multiple product lines and geographies 
  • Used clean data and governance processes to automate business workflows such as contracting, credit approvals, and customer onboarding 
  • Accelerated and automated high-quality enterprise reporting 


Ed Rybicki

Global CIO

Gopal Ramamurthi

Sr. Director of Enterprise Data Management

Ann-Christel Graham

Chief Revenue Officer