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Our National Restaurant Practice experts have decades of experience helping big brands in the food and restaurant industry capitalize on their data assets.

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Hasten time to insight on third-party food delivery with
ActiveDeliver™ intelligence

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ActiveDeliver™: Third-party food delivery intelligence. Dashboard intelligence that combines existing corporate data such as POS with third-party food delivery data to track, measure and visualize key metrics. Wavicle ActiveDeliver empowers large restaurant groups and QSRs to accelerate time to insight, decision-making and greater ROI.


Critical third-party food delivery metrics include:

  • Length of time driver waits in-restaurant for food items to be prepared.
  • Length of time from when the driver receives order until customer receives their food.
  • Incremental revenue, if any, generated by food delivery. 
  • Whether incremental revenue generates new customers that ultimately purchase via other channels, such as in-restaurant and drive-thru.
  • Whether specific menu items drive lower customer satisfaction or longer delivery times via third-party food delivery.

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