Wellness Assessment Company

This company has set out to change the way the world views healthcare. They are turning the market around to show that wellness is not the goal, but rather, well-being in many areas of a person’s life is the true goal.


To help assist with this noble venture, the company sought to redesign and redevelop old and outdated systems. However, in this time of fast-paced, ever-changing technology, some companies do not have the massive budgets to address their technical needs to keep them competitive.


Wavicle employs a very robust team of architects, developers, and data specialists to assist with clients’ needs at their locations around the United States. We also understand that as the number of projects grow across our client’s organizations, their ability to perform the work necessary to meet those business needs and stay within tight budgets becomes more difficult. That is why Wavicle has created a mirrored organization of skilled individuals in an offshore facility in India. This affords our clients the ability to run a greater breadth of projects simultaneously by using a mix of on and offshore resources while still staying within budget guidelines.


For our Wellness Assessment client, this offshore model was just the answer. They had never employed the services of a company where the resources were not on-site or in the U.S., so there was some skepticism and caution when deciding to proceed. The Wavicle team was engaged and within 3 weeks of commencement, the team had already proved capable by quickly gaining knowledge of the system and helping to define the direction for a redesign. Communication mechanisms were implemented flawlessly, and the initial milestones were not only met but exceeded.


Going forward the company is set to outsource additional work to Wavicle and sees the long-term value in a partnership with Wavicle.


The solution provided an increase in quality and efficiency and a reduction in costs that allowed the project to expand its scope.