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As the world of big data systems continues to evolve, so do the surrounding technologies and tools. Most companies have not kept pace with hiring practices to ensure the right resources are available to address the needed technology.


Such is this case. We were engaged to assist with the implementation of Talend and many uses of the tool within the big data world. This client embraced the need to move to the cloud for a variety of strategic and budgetary reasons. However, as it goes with many companies, they were not staffed to adequately implement Talend and put to use all the benefits. Their legacy Teradata warehouses were migrating to a combination of Redshift and Snowflake cloud-based storage environments. With limited time and knowledge to complete the work, they reached out to Wavicle for a solution. Within two months, Talend was completely implemented and tuned, and components of the overall system were moved into production using Talend.


The solution implemented a valuable integration and migration tool, addressed many issues that impeded an earlier implementation, provided evidence for future investment, realigned strategy, and educated company SMEs for self-sufficiency moving forward.