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Wavicle Data Solutions Introduces New Data Analytics Subscription Service, ActiveDash™, at Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

Date: Monday March 11, 2019

Author: Ronda Duncan


ActiveDash™ provides fast casual restaurant owners greater insights for increasing sales, predicting inventory, and measuring customer loyalty and social sentiment


CHICAGO (March 11, 2019) – Wavicle Data Solutions, a leading provider of data and analytics solutions and services, today announced at the Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit that it is introducing ActiveDash™, a new cloud-based subscription service for fast-casual restaurants that captures data and provides insights to help grow their business, manage costs, reduce waste, and improve customer loyalty.


With ActiveDash, fast casual and quick service restaurant data from key sources such as POS, third-party delivery, social media, menu, and inventory, is translated into nearly instant analytics for making more informed decisions about promotions, menus, budgeting, staffing, inventory, and customer loyalty.


“In our work with global quick-service restaurant brands, we have seen many franchise owners struggle with finding the right data they need when they need it from their corporate reporting, and they find the expense doesn’t pay off,” stated Naveen Venkatapathi, President of Wavicle Data Solutions. “ActiveDash solves this problem by providing a powerful, simple-to-use app that is affordable and supported by a seasoned team of restaurant data experts.”


Once the restaurant’s data has been linked to ActiveDash, owners and operators have access to a wealth of information and analytics presented in a simple, informative series of dashboards including:


– Executive Dashboard provides a variety of information about sales, orders, and customers including total sales (by day, week, quarter and more), sales by POS type, average check size, average items sold, total orders, and more. And if the owner has multiple locations, all data can be broken down per store and by region.


– Operations Dashboard takes a closer look at metrics such as top-selling items, average check, average prep time, total guest count, and a customizable daily daypart breakdown of guest count and employee count.


– Social Dashboard collects and provides restaurant owners with detailed information from a variety of social media channels including reviews of their restaurants, posts and interactions, keywords, and social sentiment vs. sales over time.


– And for those fast casual owners and operators who need even more, Wavicle Data Solutions offers predictive analytics services beyond ActiveDash for an additional fee. Those services are completely customizable based on individual business needs.


ActiveDash is available as a subscription for a low monthly fee, but for a limited time, Wavicle is offering a six-month free trial of ActiveDash. For more information about ActiveDash for fast casual restaurants, please visit https://wavicledata.com/restaurant/.



Wavicle Data Solutions delivers data and analytics solutions that help organizations achieve business results. For more than a decade, our work with some of the nation’s largest global quick-service restaurant chains and retail businesses has driven decisions about products, menus, store improvement, pricing, supply chain, staffing, and more. Wavicle ActiveDash™ is the culmination of this work, offering franchise owners and operators long-awaited insights into their customers, sales, and stores. For more information about ActiveDash or Wavicle Data Solutions’ other offerings for fast-casual restaurants and retail stores, please visit https://www.wavicledata.com/