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Wavicle Data Solutions Announces Converter to Automate and Accelerate Conversion from Tableau to Amazon QuickSight

Date: Wednesday February 1, 2023

Author: Ronda Duncan


Proprietary Offering Reduces Migration Cost and Effort


CHICAGO [February 1, 2023] – Chicago-based Wavicle Data Solutions, a leading data analytics firm offering cloud migration services and data management consulting, today announced its converter for Amazon QuickSight by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Wavicle introduced a new business intelligence (BI) modernization offering to accelerate the shift from Tableau to Amazon QuickSight, an easy-to-use, serverless business intelligence service built for the cloud.


Offering interactive dashboards, operational reports, embedded analytics, and natural language querying, Amazon QuickSight empowers decision-makers at any level of an organization, and at any technical skill level, to achieve fast, easy access to information and insights. But sometimes BI migrations can take months and consume significant costs and resources, particularly for organizations that have hundreds or thousands of projects in Tableau.


It requires an analysis of all Tableau workbooks to understand where data comes from, how or if it has been transformed, what chart types are used, if there is any custom structured query language (SQL), and more. These workbooks must be scored for complexity so the migration effort can be planned and prioritized. Each workbook or project can then be re-created on Amazon QuickSight.


Wavicle now offers its Tableau–to–Amazon QuickSight Converter to accelerate this process by first analyzing the effort and then automating the conversion of Tableau workbooks to Amazon QuickSight.


“We’re thrilled to introduce the Tableau–to–Amazon QuickSight Converter to the industry,” said Duane Lyons, Wavicle Practice Lead. “Paired with our professional services offerings, now available in AWS Marketplace, the Amazon QuickSight Converter helps streamline BI migration, namely time, cost, and effort. The converter automates time-consuming analysis and conversion tasks, accelerating the effort and reducing cost by up to 90%*.”


Clients can access Wavicle’s professional services for Amazon QuickSight migration in AWS Marketplace:

  • Tableau-to-Amazon QuickSight Converter – Assessment: A professional services offering now available in AWS Marketplace, the Assessment leverages the Amazon QuickSight converter’s BI Analyzer to analyze Tableau workbooks, providing a high-level summary and in-depth details about the size of the migration effort for each Tableau workbook and project. Wavicle’s BI experts review the results of the analyzer with clients and then help them determine which dashboards to convert. Clients get a clear picture of the migration effort, including time and cost, so they can effectively plan and prioritize next steps.
  • Tableau-to-Amazon QuickSight Converter – Conversion: A professional services offering now available in AWS Marketplace, the Conversion leverages the BI Code Converter to convert Tableau dashboards to Amazon QuickSight, followed by unit testing on converted dashboards to ensure accuracy.


“Our Amazon QuickSight Converter is the latest in Wavicle’s growing suite of proprietary accelerators and frameworks that deliver speed and value to our clients,” said Naveen Venkatapathi, Wavicle Managing Partner. “As Amazon QuickSight continues to gain steam as an enterprise BI tool, we are here to help our clients with proven expertise, strategies, and tools to make it a success.”


For additional information about Wavicle’s Amazon QuickSight Converter and BI modernization solutions, visit https://wavicledata.com/quicksight-converter/.


(*Results are based on a specific client’s usage and may vary.)



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