How to Ensure You Partner with the Right Data Analytics Consultants [Checklist]

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According to Forrester, “firms make fewer than 50% of their decisions based on quantitative information as opposed to gut feeling, experience, or opinion.” To make matters worse, poor data quality is “estimated to cost the US more than $3 trillion per year,” says Entrepreneur.


In a world where customers make the demands and disruptors are actively gobbling up market share, advancing digital transformation initiatives across your organization is the only path forward. But such a substantial structural shift requires ongoing support from a dedicated team, and that’s precisely when data analytics consultants enter the picture.


So, where to start? What should you be asking yourself as you search for the right consulting firm for your business needs? Outlined below are the 7 critical factors and a couple of related questions to consider in the evaluation stage of the hiring process. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of working with data analytics consultants and the services the best firms provide, check out our foundational guide.


Client-first approach

  • Do they offer an end-to-end approach to help with all your data and analytics needs?
  • Will you have support from experienced data analytics professionals or a junior team?

Support Structure

  • Are they available across the globe to provide support whenever you need it?
  • How do they manage projects and change requests?

Technology Agnostic

  • Does the consultant effectively collaborate with your existing or preferred technology providers?
  • Do they have competencies or recognition from their technology partners?

Industry Knowledge and Business Expertise

  • Do they have the level of business acumen needed to achieve your business objectives?
  • Do their consultants have experience working for your industry?

Advanced Analytics Focus 

  • Do they have data scientists on staff that can develop models using machine learning and AI techniques to help you make predictive and prescriptive decisions?
  • Do they offer modern data architecture services that leverage machine learning, AI, and cloud strategy to deliver a robust analytics solution?

Nimble and Ready to Scale

  • Are they prepared to scale your most profitable data and analytics projects, and how fast can they do it?
  • Do they offer accelerators that can decrease the time and cost of your project?

Success Metrics 

  • Do they have referenceable clients or technology partners?
  • Do they have relevant case studies they can share with you?

Download the checklist